Rhino and the New SpaceClaim Style: The Perfect Couple

by Franco Folini March 17, 2009 2 min read

Sometimes, when a combination has the right ingredients, great performers are paired with other great performers, and the result is outstanding. The whole becomes greater then the sum of its parts. The newly released SpaceClaim Style makes such a powerful combination when paired with Rhino. Rhino and SpaceClaim Style are not only excellent on their […]
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Novedge in the World of Social Media

by Franco Folini March 09, 2009 2 min read

On March 2nd, Skittles shook the world by changing its homepage to a big social media playground; when navigating to you found yourself in a stream of Twitter messages with the tag #skittles. For 24 hours this was a big hit, but there was no filter, and also abusive tweets from pranksters about the […]
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Interview with Chris Williams, Vuuch Founder and CEO

by Franco Folini January 26, 2009 8 min read

Let’s be honest: the CAD world is boring. I read CAD blogs and news every single day (using Novedge Pulse), and I rarely find something really exciting. In this market, technological improvements are very gradual and real breakthroughs happen only once in a decade. Also, the adoption of new technologies in the design and manufacturing process […]
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Design for the Future Charity Drive

by Franco Folini January 23, 2009 1 min read

My friend Alex Ruiz, mostly known as the SolidWorks Geek, is announcing the Design For The Future Charity Drive for The Orangewood Children’s Foundation, a non-profit foundation taking care of under-privileged kids at the Orangewood Children's Home in Orange, California. Alex lived there as a teen and now he wants to give back. This is […]
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Novedge Pulse Pushes the Limits of Social Media for CAD

by Franco Folini January 22, 2009 3 min read

Blogs are an important source of information. We all know this. Most of us started bookmarking one CAD blog and going back every day to read the new posts. It was a nice way to stay updated while drinking a morning coffee. Soon, we found our attention and time split among a set of cross-referenced […]
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Interview with Daniel Ha, DisqUs Founder and CEO

by Franco Folini January 08, 2009 5 min read

Novedge recently added a section at the bottom of each page of its website providing a space where visitors and customers can leave comments sharing their opinions and experiences. The tools that allowed us to implement this service are provided by Disqus, a new startup located in San Francisco, just a few blocks from Novedge headquarters. Disqus has […]
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Novedge Now Accepting Comments with DisqUs and Facebook Connect

by Franco Folini December 24, 2008 2 min read

I believe that comments are a powerful tool to establish a dialogue with blog readers as well as to listen to customers. While comments have become a standard feature of blogs for some time, they have seldom been available on other websites. Technically speaking there is no reason for this limitation. While websites are not […]
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Interview with Maxim Bogdanov, ASCON CEO

by Franco Folini December 22, 2008 6 min read

When buying a CAD product most of us consider many factors, such as the list of features, the price, the platform, the level of integration between programs our clients and customers are already using, and so on.  While we may not realize it, many times we are also looking for something that feels or looks […]
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Interview with Al Dean, DEVELOP3D Co-founder and Editor

by Franco Folini December 16, 2008 9 min read

It is difficult for me to write an introduction for Al Dean. On one hand I have read several articles and blog posts by Al, but on the other hand I've never had the opportunity to meet him personally (this interview was done by e-mail). What I like the most about Al and what keeps […]
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Interview with Chris Randles, SpaceClaim CEO

by Franco Folini October 15, 2008 6 min read

Direct-modeling is the new trend in CAD. No doubt about it! Some call it Synchronous Technology, some Interactive Solid Modeling, and some direct-editing. All of these approaches differ, but all are trying to overcome the limitations of existing parametric systems. If we were to identify one original source that started this trend, we would certainly […]
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Interview with Biplab Sarkar, CTO of Nemetschek NA

by Franco Folini October 13, 2008 6 min read

With the recent release of Vectorworks 2009, Nemetschek NA made an important change in the product architecture with implications that are expected to extend well beyond this release. They replaced their obsolete geometric software library with a powerful and reliable state-of-the-art geometric engine: Parasolid. While geometric engines have been widely used in mechanical CAD for […]
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Interview with Paul Brown, NX Marketing Director

by Franco Folini October 10, 2008 8 min read

Siemens NX, with various names and affiliations, has been around for several years. Nobody would really expect a well establish CAD system to become the lead innovator of a new technology. Usually those kinds of CAD systems invest in maintaining their user base rather than trying to acquire new users and push technological limits. For […]
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Interview with Gaetano Tavano, Founder of MechWorks

by Franco Folini September 29, 2008 4 min read

When Solidworks was first released in 1995 it changed forever the way design and manufacturing companies approach CAD software. Compared to the contemporary 3D modeling systems, Solidworks had a significantly lower price and was much easier to learn and use, with almost no compromise on features. This was a clear call for a new generation […]
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Interview with Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Owner of Architosh

by Franco Folini September 08, 2008 7 min read

Creative professionals have always had a fascination with Apple products and the Mac personal computer in particular. While Mac was one of the first personal computers to have a graphic user-interface, the connection seems to goes beyond that — and to continue even after the GUI became a standard. One of the first websites who […]
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Interview with Brian Roberts, President of QuadriSpace

by Franco Folini August 29, 2008 8 min read

The relatively short story of CAD visualization is paved with big ambitions and small results. No company has been able to escape this spell. Looking at the target market the opportunities for a CAD visualization system seem huge, with potential users by the millions including entire departments outside the design and manufacturing areas. Here’s the […]
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An Interview with Roberto Ciarloni, think3 CTO

by Franco Folini July 29, 2008 7 min read

Current CAD systems are all based on only a few core geometric engines. Among those software engines, the ones that integrate solid modeling with free-form surfaces can be counted on one hand. One of those few engines is made by Think3, an Italian company that has been trying for several years to enter the US […]
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An Interview with Michael Gibson, MoI CEO and Founder

by Franco Folini July 02, 2008 8 min read

It’s part of my daily job to stay in touch with new technologies and systems by reading CAD news and playing with trial versions. Over the years I’ve become immunized to most of the CAD marketing buzz. Despite the grand announcements, the CAD world evolves at a slow pace with few real advancements each year. […]
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What if PTC never happened?

by Franco Folini June 23, 2008 2 min read

The launch of new products like SpaceClaim and new technologies like Synchronous Technology by Siemens is bringing some fresh air into the design software world. But is this air really so fresh? Or is it more like the air trapped in the Genie’s bottle that is bursting out after SpaceClaim rubbed it almost twenty years […]
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An Interview with Evan Yares, Charismatic CAD Expert

by Franco Folini June 11, 2008 7 min read

Evan C. Yares is a well-known figure in the CAD world. He has the drive and vision to put himself in the right spot in order to maximize his influence on the CAD community and its products. He has opinions and is not afraid to share them, even when this means taking the risk of […]
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Novedge Pulse 2.0 is Online

by Franco Folini May 27, 2008 3 min read

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Novedge Pulse 1.0 went online. Novedge Pulse is much more than a "blog of blogs," it’s a community-based aggregator that collects and organizes blog posts, news, tutorials, videos, product reviews, Press Releases, and much more. Novedge Pulse is much more than a "blog of blogs," it’s […]
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The Most Common Mistakes in Your RSS Feed

by Franco Folini May 15, 2008 3 min read

In the process of setting up Novedge Pulse I had to go through several hundreds RSS feeds from blogs and news sources. More interestingly, I had to build a software system able to understand all of them. My first approach to the problem was very naive. I assumed that RSS was a simple and well […]
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April 08 Newsletter is Out

by Franco Folini May 02, 2008 2 min read

As expected our monthly newsletter was sent out late at the end of the month. I'm happy that at least this month, after skipping a few issues, we managed to get the newsletter out! It's always a challenge to find the time to put together the newsletter, as much as it is a pleasure to […]
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Why Direct/Parametric Modeling Hybrid is an Oxymoron

by Franco Folini May 01, 2008 2 min read

Parametric CAD systems are based on a complex internal data-structure that represents each geometrical and dimensional constraint as a relationship among two or more entities. When the end-user requests a change to a parameter (dimension), the CAD system propagates the modification to the entire 3D model (it’s called model evaluation) following those relationships while preserving […]
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Measuring the Pulse of the CAD Community

by Franco Folini April 29, 2008 1 min read

A lot of information is available over the Internet for professionals like you and me working with CAD, CAM, AEC, and DCC systems and technologies: blogs, Press Releases, tutorials, comments, product reviews, etc. In order to access this wealth of information one option is to subscribe to hundreds of newsletters, activate all sorts of Google […]
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An Interview with Ron KC Cheng, CAD Writer

by Franco Folini December 17, 2007 10 min read

Ron KC Cheng is the author of a new book Inside Rhinoceros 4 published by Thomas Learning, an introduction to the latest release of Rhino, the popular NURBS modeling system by Robert McNeel and Associates. This is not the first book about Rhino written by Ron; he is also the author of Inside Rhinoceros 3, […]
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An Interview with George Cawood, Framework Studio Owner

by Franco Folini November 26, 2007 3 min read

George Cawood is the founder and owner of Framework Studio, a design and production company located in Culver City, CA. George's company produces trailers, main title sequences, and visual effects for a variety of feature films, television shows, music videos, and commercials. FrameWork Studio is an advanced user of Maxon Cinema 4D and therefore the […]
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VectorWorks Government and Educational Prices Now Available

by Franco Folini October 29, 2007 1 min read

We are happy to announce that we are now able to offer government and educational prices for Nemetschek VectorWorks.This allows US federal and local government agencies and departments to purchase VectorWorks at a 15% discount over list price. It also offers educational institutions access to deep discounts for the lab version of VectorWorks.VectorWorks is one […]
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An Interview with Maurice Patel, Autodesk M&E Product Marketing

by Franco Folini October 17, 2007 5 min read

Maurice Patel is the head of Autodesk M&E Product Marketing. M&E is the media and entertainment division of Autodesk responsible for the popular products Maya, 3ds Max, and Motion Builder, among others. Maurice has been working in the DCC market for several years and is frequently quoted as an expert. As the market leader Autodesk […]
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An Interview with Joel Orr, Chief Visionary of Cyon Research

by Franco Folini October 08, 2007 7 min read

Joel Orr (blog), is a one of a kind person in the Design and CAD world, a person who uses the word future meaning it and not just to refer to the next financial quarter. Joel calls himself a visionary and loves to talk and write about technology, design, and obviously the future. He is […]
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An Interview with Tim Westergren, Pandora Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

by Franco Folini October 02, 2007 6 min read

Tim Westergren is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Pandora. Pandora is a personalized online radio based on a sophisticated music classification system called the Music Genome Project. The idea is pretty simple from the user point of view: you start your own online radio station by selecting one song or one artist. Pandora […]
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An Interview with Giuseppe Bocchi, Engine Designer

by Franco Folini September 26, 2007 7 min read

Giuseppe Bocchi, Founder and CEO of BRD srl, is a top-notch Italian mechanical engineer with a passion for mechanical engines (internal combustion engines). He has an incredible breadth of experience built working for prestigious companies such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ducati and MV Agusta, where as Chief Project and R&D Engineer he designed and brought to […]
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An Interview with Brian Looney, Architectural Rendering Artist

by Franco Folini September 24, 2007 7 min read

Brian Looney started off as an entry level drafter straight out of technical school and now he is a professional architectural rendering expert. Brian learned the major rendering tools in the field, working with architects and clients at McFarland Davies Architects, in Tulsa, OK. When Next Limit Technologies new Maxwell Render was released, Brian tried […]
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