Frequently Asked Questions

Does RhinoJewel include a copy of Rhino?

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Does Vectorworks Permanent License Include Support?

Yes - Vectorworks includes free email support directly from the manufacturer.
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Will I Get the Same Support From You as I Would if I Purchased Directly From the Manufacturer?

You will get better support because of the manufacturer's and our combined efforts. Most software vendors offer direct support regardless if you purchase from them or not, but if purchase directly from the software manufacturer then only their own service will be available to you.
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Is Bluebeam a Subscription?

Bluebeam's software is not a subscription, but rather a licensing model that has no time limit.
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Can I Buy a Permanent License for Autodesk Products?

Autodesk has changed its licensing model. All products are now subscription based, and permanent licenses for AutoCAD, Revit, Maya, and all other Autodesk products are not available anymore because they're only available through subscriptions.
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Can I Buy Your Software From Outside the USA?

We are authorized to sell all our design software products in the USA. There are also some products that we are authorized to sell in other countries but we do not advertise it on our website.
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What Is the Difference Between Buying From NOVEDGE and Directly From the Manufacturers?

When you purchase from NOVEDGE you get the exact same products and terms that you would if buying directly from the manufacturer. We are authorized resellers of all the products that we offer.
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Is Rhino 3D a Subscription?

The Rhino 3D software is not available as a subscription, but only through permanent ownership with no time limit. 
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What Is the Difference Between Trimble SketchUp and Google SketchUp?

There is no difference between Google SketchUp and Trimble SketchUp.

Google originally purchased the program in order to have everyone model their own neighborhood and upload this data into an online database so people could explore what else was happening around them on Google Earth or other means of accessing information about different places across our world. The project never really got off the ground and SketchUp became instead a very effective tool to quickly draft complex designs.

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