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Well Worth The Upgrade

As a Rhino veteran with 20+ years of experience, I can affirm that this is a worthy upgrade. Thanks McNeel for all the development work!

Amazing Product for an amazing price

You need to buy Rhino if a are a designer of any caliper. By far one of the best programs for industrial/product designers!

Rhino 8 - 3D CAD for Windows and Mac
Lou Palumbo (Miami, US)
Learning A Lot!

I really like having the ability to see 4 views at once. I am working on learning more about rendering now so if you have any tutorials, send them my way please!

It’s a great plugin

Overall it’s great do you offer any training?

Adjusted Review

I give Novedge a 5 Star rating for handling the license issue I was experiencing swiftly.

AutoCAD LT 2024 - Subscription
Robert Chase (Houston, US)
Give the retired a break!

I spent the over $400 to get the update for my AutoCAD LT. It annoys me to do this as I ama now retired and my use the software 5 to ten times a year for craft and/or woodworking projects. After paying for the service for years there should be some form that the retired use that does not need to be updated yearly. I will likely spend the year trying to find how I can find something to serve my needs that I won't have to pay for year after year. The question given to me to write the review was "How are you finding AutoCAD LT 2024. Truth is, I haven't even used it yet.

SketchUp Pro 2023 – Subscription
David Cronk (Sacramento, US)
Just what I was looking for and more!

The latest version is packed with new tools and endless ways to accomplish your goals. I'll be making some extension purchases when I hit phase II of my training.

RhinoJewel 7.0
krikor yeremian (Philadelphia, US)
excellent software

enjoying the software, only think I don't find enough tutorial to explore more

Rhino 8 - 3D CAD for Windows and Mac
pramod jain (Mumbai, IN)
great support and excellent service

great place to buy software for Cad Cam Etc,,Very fast response usually within a day.

life saver

As an architecture student this website is great for buying useful programs at a reasonable price.

AutoCAD 2024 - Subscription
Joe Luchar (Canfield, US)

AutoCAD 2024 - Subscription

V-Ray Solo - Node-Locked License - Subscription
Santos Pena (North Hollywood, US)

My first of choice rendering software. Excellent results, excellent function.

MoI 4 - Educational Student License
Pavel Ryzhkov (Kyiv Oblast, UA)
Big thanks for this shop

Great shop for buying keys
the staff is excellent, helps in resolving issues, I had a problem with payment, but they found a way to help me

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite 2024 - Subscription
Todd Searcy (Oceanside, US)
Very satisfied

I have been buying and up dating my auto cad, LT Revit suite from Scott at Novedge for years. Scott is always prompt and helpful and answers all my questions right away. l have recommended Novedge to my friends and colleagues. Highly recommended.

Rhino 7

Just upgraded from Rhino 4 to Rhino 7. Still love the software, just keeps getting better.

ReCap PRO 2024 - Subscription
Tony Anderson (Van Buren, US)
Great service

Scott Hester did an outstanding job getting back to me quickly and placing my order super quick.

CrossGems Educational
GTuttle (Buzzards Bay, US)
Great time saver

You can create jewelry using Rhino by itself, but the hours it take to make gems, settings, and get it right is very time consuming. The rendering is excellent (virtually true to life). The options to alter the gem size and shape are super easy. You can pick from a number of gem shapes and types (colors can be changed). CrossGems makes it so much faster to design. This is a great plug-in for Rhino 7. I'm still learning how to use it, but it is fairly easy to dive right in. In my first hour I created a split band ring with a princess cut diamond. I spent a day creating a scarab pendant with multiple stones. The scarab required mostly Rhino work. I also created a uniquely designed pendant using mostly Rhino subD and added the gems using CrossGems. The file printed a 3D model and cast perfect - the 20mm stone I will set in a few days. It looks like the seat will hardly need any modifications, which is a really nice time saver, too. As a stone setter I often have to recreate seats (by removing material by hand) for gems. This will be breeze.

Rhino 8 - 3D CAD for Windows and Mac
马 锋凯 (Central, HK)


Smooth process, works well.


SketchFX Pro
R.L. (Albuquerque, US)
Don't Buy

Very Misleading. You have a "perpetual license" for the version of Sketchup available at the time of purchase, but as soon as Sketchup upgrades (which it does at least annually) you can't get an upgrade of SketchFX without paying them again. Only company I have plugins from that plays that game. Will never buy anything from them again.

Bluebeam Complete - Annual Subscription
Jimmy Hattenbach (Pittsburgh, US)

Bluebeam Complete - Annual Subscription

Chaos Cloud Credits - Educational
Shixian Zhang (Rancho Cucamonga, US)

Chaos Cloud Credits - Educational

Rhino 8 - 3D CAD for Windows and Mac
Julie Schauer (Milwaukee, US)
Good Program

Intuitive and fun. It's been a few years and I need to relearn it at this point.

Samplitude Music Studio X8
Arkadiy Israel (Queens, US)
thanks for the priceless sale

thanks for a great product, I'm very satisfied. This is what I wanted to buy!