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Experts | BIM Corner

BIM Corner

  • BIM Implementation & Strategy
  • BIM Design & Coordination
  • Drawingless Design and Construction
  • VDC - Virtual Design and Construction
  • BIM in Infrastructure
    Experts | How To Rhino

    How To Rhino

    • Rhino for Architecture
    • Grasshopper for Architecture
    • Integration with BIM
    • Architectural Diagrams and Project Presentation
    • Architectural Visualization and Animation
      Experts | Jonathan Pickup, ArchonCAD

      Jonathan Pickup, ArchonCAD

      • Vectorworks Architect
      • Vectorworks 3D Modeling
      • Vectorworks Landmark
        Experts | Lauren Smith, Scenic Mentor

        Lauren Smith, Scenic Mentor

        • Rendering with Vectorworks Spotlight/ Renderworks
        • Cinema 4D Rendering for Event Design + V-Ray
        • VR Visualization with Unity 3D
          Experts | Marco Traverso

          Marco Traverso

          • Rhino and Grasshopper Consultancy and Training
          • Parametric and Computational Design
          • 3D Solutions for Industrial, Transportation and Concept Design
          • Authorized Rhino Trainer (ART)
          • ShapeDiver Expert
            Experts | Moshe Shemesh

            Moshe Shemesh

            • Visualization
            • V-Ray
            • SketchUp
              Experts | Rubius Company

              Rubius Company

              • Plugins and add-ons for Autodesk Apps (AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Navisworks, Forge and others)
              • Extensions Altium
              • Add-ons for Solidworks
              • Custom CAD and BIM software development from scratch
              • Consulting on automation of routine tasks in CAD programs
                Experts | SchultzeWORKS designstudio

                SchultzeWORKS designstudio

                • Rhino Educator: 20 years teaching at the college level and author of a dozen courses at LinkedIn Learning.
                • Rhino Trainer: Working with corporate group clients as well as individuals, either in person or remotely.
                • V-Ray for Rhino Trainer: teaching rendering and animation skills using V-Ray, Bongo, and After Effects.
                • Industrial Designer: 30 years of award-winning experience designing consumer electronics and housewares.
                  Experts | Voyansi


                  • Implementation: Strategy, training, and support
                  • BIM Development: Content, modeling, and coordination
                  • Reality Capture: Scanning, post processing, and reporting
                  • Software Development: Integrations, automations, and platforms
                  • Ship by Voyansi : An open source deployment platform. Ship your packages easily and collaborate with your peers across the globe.

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