Novedge Webinar #87: V-Ray 3.0 Q&A with Simeon Balabanov

September 29, 2013 3 min read

Simeon Balabanov answers all your questions following one of our latest webinars: Novedge Webinar #87: A First Look at Chaos Group's New V-Ray 3.0 with Simeon Balabanov

Q: Do light passes in V-Ray 3.0 now respect or include indirect illumination (GI)?

A: Yes, when using Brute force.

Q: Which V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max features will not be included in V-Ray 3.0 for Maya on the day of the release?

A: The development is still in an early stage, so no further information can be given.

Q: OpenExr2.0 will support "volume" information right? V-Ray 3.0 should be able to use it, correct?

A: See answer in the video.

Q: How has the progressive sampler been affected by shading rate parameters (now that it's 2)?

A: This parameter specifies the minimum amount of rays that have to be calculated for effects like blurry reflections & GI (shading). This means that by increasing it more rays will be shot for shading and less rays will be shot for AA. In the case for the progressive sampler, this helps when you want to make sure that at least a certain number of rays are spent for blurry effects & GI (shading).

Q: Have there been any changes in baking lighting for use in real-time engines for simulations and visualizations?

A: No.

Q: Is there a Maya equivalent of Autodesk 3ds Max's distance map?

A: Not yet. There will be.

Q: Can you have it affect only certain channels? I don’t see the use for this in z depth.

A: Not at the moment.

Q: When using Render elements and you are setting up glass to affect all channels, why does this effect the Z depth and Motion vectors?

A: Because you might want to have motion blurred reflections/refractions.

Q: What's the difference between IRR map + Light cache vs Brute Force in V-Ray 3.0 for animation?

A: See answer in the video.

Q: Will Brute Force reduce flickering effects?

A: See answer in the video.

Q: Do you go to Brute Force instead of IRR map or light cache to reduce flickers and to save IRR maps to disk?

A: See answer in the video.

Q: Is it possible to batch render a scene with progressive rendering, or does it have to be done in the V-Ray Frame buffer?

A: You can use both network rendering and DR.

Q: Is there any chance that you will add support for Open Sub Div in the future of V-Ray 3.0?

A: We are considering it.

Q: Does V-Ray 3.0 respect alpha maps on geometry in the z-depth channel?

A: Yes.

Q: Can deep image also render images in all depth in Z? For example not just what's visible from the front, but also what's behind?

A: See answer in the video.

Q: So, the stop button in the VFB pauses the render?

A: No, it interrupts the render.

Q: Can you use Embree on main workstation, and not on render nodes?

A: Yes. However, you have to disable it in the settings when you submit it to the render nodes. Note that all recent Intel processors support Embree (since core i7 and even some older ones), so you should be able to take advantage of it.

Q: Is it possible to limit the progressive sampling to a time to give it X amount of times per frame to render animations?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the GPU requirements – both minimum and suggested?

A: See answer in the video.

Q: What's the configuration of the machine you are using to render?

A: See answer in the video.  


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