The Edge: Veronika Nedecka’s Flying Architecture

October 04, 2013 4 min read

Veronika Nedecka

Novedge: Tell us a bit about who you are and
what you do

Veronika Nedecka: First of all, I would like to thank you
for this opportunity. My name is Veronika Nedecka, I am 22 years old. In college, while studying interior design, I read all kinds of
literature in my free time, learning about marketing, management, and business. After a while I saw a big opportunity in running
my own projects, because nothing can give you more in your life than
what you experience for yourself. Flying Architecture is my first business.


As this is an interview, maybe you
would like to hear how Flying Architecture came into existence. When I
first met Matus (Nedecky, founder of Flying Architecture, Ed.) in 2009, he had already been
working with Rhino for a couple of years and uploading his models on the web. We discovered we shared a passion for 3D architecture and design, so we started to
collaborate (and ended up getting married!). At the time, we were working as freelancers, but we already knew that we wanted something more. Then an idea came
tu us – to start our own company. This is how Flying Architecture services were brought into existence.

And what do I do? I am a Flying girl
for everything: I am a marketing consultant, visualizer,
graphic designer, web designer, and I also offer moral support when we deal with difficult clients. On top of all this, I run many different projects, about which you will
definitely hear soon


Novedge:What matters most to you in design?

Veronika Nedecka: Many things…Before
working on the design of a project, I first ask my clients about their taste,
about the colours that influence them, about what inspires them…I also try to
find out what each person is like and only after all this I start designing. When I design something on my own, I always try to make it maximally functional. Sometimes the design comes up as an absolute multifunctional jigsaw.


Novedge:What is a recent project that you worked on?

Veronika Nedecka:We have many projects, but
unfortunately, all the recent ones have an NDA. I can tell you
about a couple of projects I love:

One of the last works on Flying Architecture is Finland
housing. It’s always been our dream to capture the Northern cold in interiors. As you know, most of our work is done in Photoshop, and we
use the same technique in renderings of both interior and exterior views.



Here’s a short video that shows our approach to postproduction work.

I like the picture below (from the project Liska Liapor, Ed.) because of the
beautiful architecture, sharp shapes and a black colour used for the facade, which was designed by architect Zdenek

FlyingArchitecture-Liska Liapor

Novedge: What software do you use?

Veronika Nedecka:I use Rhino. Definitely Rhino. I have been working in 3D since I was 14. I tried Blender, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D,
Maya, and many other polygon programs. Blender was
difficult, it was very hard even after 6 months. I tried 3ds Max next, a great program. I loved the modificators, which, unfortunately, Rhino does not contain, but I had never seen anything so unstable. I tried more software titles but then I started using Rhino. In 6 months I was able to learn everything about modeling, materials and rendering. For me, NURBS technology is definitely the best. I also love Rhino because of Grasshopper. I love math and the ability to use a
mathematical formula which displayes directly in 3D is perfect.


Novedge: Partnerships are powerful: what makes your collaboration with Matus successful?

Veronika Nedecka: Complementarity. Every person has
particular pros and cons. We pour all the pros into our collaboration,
because each of us is great at different things. Matus is perfect technically, creating materials and using Photoshop. I am more
into details, I complete the final sense and mood of the image.


Novedge: What has been most important in developing and growing Flying Architecture?

Veronika Nedecka: Offering quality to our clients – this is our mission. It is better not to offer thousands of models of bad quality, but to offer hundreds of great designed ones. Also relationships are very important: we want the users of Flying Architecture to think of us as friends, we want them to feel like they can ask for our help anytime. That is also one of the reasons why FA came into existence – to help and build a Rhino community.


Novedge: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Veronika Nedecka:Not to be afraid to have goals. When I was 12, my grandmother asked me, what I wanted to be when I grew up, what I wanted to have and what I wanted to reach. At that time I realized that it is enormously important to set a goal and to go for it. People without any goals in life do not see the meaning of every single day, because they only live for one day. We are not like that, we are not
afraid of tomorrow

Check out Flying Architecture’s community and services and follow Veronika on Twitter.

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