These Companies Are Using Onshape: Check Out Their Success Stories!

January 29, 2021 2 min read

These Companies Are Using Onshape: Check Out Their Success Stories!

There are many reasons to adopt Onshape as a product development platform. 

The Onshape platform provides one unified and secure cloud workspace, letting your product development team spend more time designing and less time being blocked by file-based software headaches. With zero IT footprint, Onshape accelerates time-to-market all the while making sure your intellectual property is 100% protected.

Here's a list of case studies and testimonials that showcase Onshape's best and most appreciated features.

Shaving Months Off Design Cycles

3D printer firm Formlabs uses the cloud-based Onshape product development CAD platform and AWS to enable real-time, anywhere, anytime collaboration, and faster product development.

Onshape for Consumer Product Design

Global juvenile product brand says cloud CAD’s real-time data management speeds up development cycle

Designing Tough Drones with Onshape

BST left SOLIDWORKS because of version control and other problems. Learn why BST now designs its drones in Onshape.

You Won't Believe What You Can Build With Remote CAD

With Onshape's real-time remote collaboration tools, your CAD process can continue under any circumstances even if you're building manned submersible vehicles.

Creating an Emergency Prosthetic Horse Hoof in 24 Hours

Using Onshape’s cloud CAD platform, Houston-based engineer Nicholas Radzykewycz quickly designed an emergency horse hoof prosthetic for a veterinarian in Argentina.

Streamlining Collaboration with Onshape

Learn how Premier Custom-Built uses Onshape to streamline collaboration between its IT, engineering and manufacturing teams.

Designing the First Hydraulic Prosthetic Hand

The Find out how Hy5, a global pioneer in hydraulic prosthetics, designs its medical devices in Onshape, the only cloud-native product development platform.

The best news is that you are now going to be able to purchase Onshape right here at NOVEGDE

NOVEDGE is changing the way designers purchase 3D software, offering more choices, more freedom, best advice and faster service.

Feel free to call our experts at 866-362-8970 for any kind of assistance or to request a demo with Onshape.


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Onshape Professional

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