Check Out Are The Latest Plugins Compatible with Rhino 7

February 04, 2021 3 min read

Check Out Are The Latest Plugins Compatible with Rhino 7

One of our favorite things about Rhino, is the fact that it can be customized with  hundreds of  specialized plugin tools.
Rhino users can download apps and plugins geared to their specific industry. 

These are the new additions that now run in Rhino 7:


Using Enscape as a Rhino render plugin is a great option for users  who want to enhance their designs without disrupting their daily workflows. Enscape uses real-time ray tracing rendering technology where all the calculations are done on the GPU. This makes it faster at rendering than any of the offline or hybrid solutions.

V-Ray 5 for Rhino

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 5 for Rhino, a powerful new update to bring realtime rendering into Rhino and Grasshopper.  V-Ray for Grasshopper is included with V-Ray for Rhino and includes a collection of nodes to support V-Ray geometry, lighting, materials, rendering, and animation. Use Grasshopper's node system to use V-Ray's functions.


The newest version of the reverse engineering plugin Mesh2Surfaceis fully compatible with all the Rhino versions, including the new Rhinoceros 7. With its intuitive straightforward user interface, Mesh2Surface helps the users to extract information from scan data into CAD surfaces quickly. Extract primitives, create 2D sketches and free form surfaces.

xNURBS for Rhino

xNurbs uses one simple UI to solve all kinds of issues for NURBS creations – It virtually has an unlimited capacity for solving NURBS and generating high-quality surfaces based on energy-minimization method. Its energy-minimization algorithm produces high-quality surfaces that are analogous to a physical model.

RhinoCAM 2021

RhinoCAM 2021 is a plug-in that runs inside the Rhinoceros 6.0 and 7.0 NURBS modeler.

Point Clouds for Rhino

The Point Clouds plugin provides a way to load massive sizes of data into the native Rhino environment. The plugin also offers powerful point cloud manipulation tools such as slicing, clipping, smoothing, lighting, magnification, color ramp, and export.


ShapeDiver is happy to launch its brand new Rhino 7 system! Rhino 7 is packed with new features, and several of them come with brand new Grasshopper components that are compatible with the ShapeDiver Rhino 7 system. 

PanelingTools 7 For Rhino And Grasshopper

PanelingTools 7 for Rhino and Grasshopper is widely used by designers, architects, and building professionals. It supports intuitive design of paneling concepts as well as helps rationalize complex geometry into a format suitable for analysis and fabrication.

Bongo 3.0 WIP 6

Bongo 2.0 users are encouraged to download and try the WIP release of Bongo 3.0 WIP 6, the animation plug-in for Rhino 7.

Panther 1.7

The new Panther 1.7 (jewelry plugin) for Rhino 7 and Grasshopper is already available to download! Current users are welcome to update today for free. It includes new SubD jewelry builders as well as full integration with newly implemented Rhino functionality. 


Nemo, the Grasshopper plugin for ship design, is back in the water!  Nemo provides multiple tools to generate lines plan, compute hydrostatics, perform resistance prediction, extract structural data, produce 2D drawings, and exchange data with other external software. Nemo also includes free tools to create parametric shapes such as Naca profiles, hydrofoils, keels, rudders, blade propellers, and sail plans. 


Jevero 2021.0 is out now, and it's compatible with Rhino 7! Jevero enables the most fluid and tight collaboration between pattern engineers, footwear developers, and shoe designers. Leveraging on the Rhino platform, this pattern engineering plugin lets you create pattern parts, develop sizes, and export to all sorts of cutting machines.

General Lattice Studio 

General Lattice Studio expands user capabilities by democratizing the lattice design process providing powerful, intuitive latticing tools. Using 100% native CAD data (B-reps), GL Studio works inside Rhino  and enables users to seamlessly integrate advanced lattice geometries into larger part files or assemblies with the ability to execute traditional downstream features.

Rhino 7 Upgrade

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Any older version, of Rhino can be upgraded for the above price, except evaluation versions. 

Special educational upgrade prices are available.
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