Why Consolidate CAD Systems

January 12, 2021 1 min read

Why Consolidate CAD Systems

Artlantis 2021

Maintaining Too Many CAD Systems?

If you're using more than one CAD system for product development, you're not alone. Companies can have three, four, even five different software packages in the workflow.

For every one of those CAD tools, you're paying in productivity losses and hidden costs, including:
 • Time lost importing and exporting files. 
• Added rework.
• IT and license management.
• Lower product quality.
• Excessive training courses.

The eBook, Consolidate with Creo!, urges product development teams to take a renewed look at their product design environment and consider consolidating on a single CAD system. The book even includes a checklist that can guide you through the transition, from choosing the right CAD tool to developing a migration plan and securing executive support.

Download the ebook here.

Creo is the ideal solution for streamlining everyone's design environment - regardless of the platform they use. Take 3 minutes to find out if your multi-CAD environment is creating unnecessary waste and why Creo is the right choice to help you save time and money.

Contact our experts at 866 362 8970 for assistance with Creo or to request a quote.

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