New Forest Pack 8.0.7 Increased Performace With Corona Renderer

January 12, 2023 2 min read

New Forest Pack 8.0.7 Increased Performace With Corona Renderer

In this quality-of-life update, the iToo team worked closely with Chaos/Corona to increase the performance of Forest Pack when used with Corona Renderer.

Animated Proxies
The improvements are especially evident when using animated proxies.
In the past, it was necessary for Forest Pack to load the full mesh from the proxy for each frame, causing problems when scrubbing the timeline. In this release, you only sample the full geometry on frame one. As this improvement also required changes in Corona, you will need to use the Corona Daily builds or wait until the release of version 10. In addition, the Corona team has included several other improvements for Forest Pack and RailClone in their daily builds, including:

  • Support for natively rendering non-geometric objects such as lights with RailClone. 
  • Native support for Forest Pack's animation modes.
  • Fixed an issue where rendering materials restarted IR with ForestPack.
  • Fixed Corona is not using the mesh returned by Forest in "GetRenderMesh".
  • Fixed Forest Pack objects not rendered in proxy mode.
  • Fixed Custom objects aren't rendered when FP render mode is set to Meshes.
  • Fixed ForestPack shows up in viewport but not in Render, after a base object had quadremesher applied to it.
  • ForestPack instances are now assigned a more meaningful wire color.
Improved Performance and Reliability
Fans of interactive rendering will be pleased to learn about the improved performance and reliability.
In previous releases, Forest objects were rebuilt with each view change, but now they respect the rules set using the Camera > Enable on Viewport IR parameter.

UX & UI Improvements
There are a couple of other handy changes to make working with Forest Pack faster.
Some of the toolbar icons have been redesigned to make them easier to identify at a glance, and a new button has been created for quickly adding Forest Sets.
The way in which multiple objects loaded from the library are organized in the items list, has also changed. In the past this was somewhat random, but now it they are arranged alphabetically making it much easier to manage.  To see a full list of all the changes and fixes, you can visit the release notes in the documentation

Forest Pack 8 cements Forest Pack’s reputation as the most robust and flexible scattering option with the addition of Forest Sets, linked areas, Effects improvements and much more. Click here for the complete and detailed features of version 8.

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Forest Pack 8 - Subscription

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Forest Pack 8 - Maintenance

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