Here's Why You Need to Try ExtrAXION, The Quantity Takeoff Solution

October 21, 2020 3 min read

Here's  Why You Need to Try ExtrAXION, The Quantity Takeoff Solution

NOVEDGE: Tell us a little bit about yourself and ExtrAXION.

George Kiortsis:  My name is George Kiortsis and I am the founder and CEO of AlconSoft. I have more than 30 years of experience in software development for the construction industry. My ultimate goal is to help construction industry professionals manage optimally their businesses for sustainable growth and profitability. Our main product, ExtrAXION, is the most thorough quantity takeoff software solution, a solution that is so complete and yet very simple to use.  It can measure on CAD files, pdf files and scanned drawings, enabling rapid and precise measurements of length, area, volume as well as item count.

ExtrAXION offers an innovative dynamic link between the measurement results and the items of the Work Breakdown Structure, simplifying the complex process of construction cost estimation and reducing errors. Measurement results can be extracted to MS Excel. 

NOVEDGE: What professionals can benefit the most from a program like ExtrAXION ?

George Kiortsis: I would say estimators, contractors, construction companies, engineers and architects.

NOVEDGE: What type of files are compatible with ExtrAXION ?

George Kiortsis: ExtrAXION supports vector files -CAD (dwg, dxf, dgn, dwf, wmf etc.), pdf files as well as image files or scanned drawings (bmp, gif, jpeg, tif etc.) No CAD software is needed to be present or pre-installed to open .dwg drawings.

NOVEDGE:  What are some of the biggest benefits of using ExtrAXION ?

George Kiortsis:The benefits are multiple, and professional working in the construction industry will immediately understand the scope of what we are offering :

  • Up to 80% time saving in comparison to traditional methods!  
  • Great accuracy using integrated tools and eliminating errors caused by measuring the same element twice or failing to measure an element. 
  • Improved productivity with process accelerating tools such as copying or duplicating measurements, automatic item counting, creating user defined custom measurements etc. 
  • Association of measurement results with multiple work items. Any measurement change automatically updates the cost estimation. 
  •  Measurement breakdown where surface area calculations, dimensions and related work items are presented in detail. 
  •  Automatically produce various estimating scenarios by changing even a single parameter value.

NOVEDGE:  You just released ExtrAXiON new version, what are the newest features in version 6?

George Kiortsis: Measure inside and outside wall area using just one polyline with offset to account for wall thickness. Easier and simultaneous editing of multiple measurements using fields and excel like formulas. 

NOVEGDE:  What sets ExtrAXION apart from the competition?

George Kiortsis:We are focused on delivering the highest quality and easy to use app at a competitive price. Even though ExtrAXION is based on a powerful CAD platform no CAD knowledge is needed to use it. ExtrAXION is multiuser: more than one estimators can open the same project and measure concurrently even on the same drawing. Each measurement can be linked with multiple work items. The final results for each work item are calculated using Excel like formulas defined by the users. Rebars add-on is also available.

NOVEDGE: Is the software available in different languages ?

George Kiortsis:  ExtrAXION is already available in 8 languages including English, Spanish and French for Canadian customers.

NOVEDGE: Do you have any success story you would like to share?

George Kiortsis:  The biggest construction companies both in Germany and in Israel use it for quantity takeoff, estimation and even in day to day project management operations.

George Kiortsis is going to debut on our Novedge Webinar Series and demo ExtrAXION 's amazing features on Wednesday November 11th. For more information and to register to the free webinar click here

We are so impressed by ExtrAXION capabilities that we would like you to experience it first hand. That is why we will be issuing a 90-day free trial of ExtrAXION that you can claim by emailing

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