This Free Trial Will Change the Way You Develop Your BIM Models!

July 23, 2020 1 min read

This Free Trial  Will Change the Way You Develop Your BIM Models!

CYPE, Technical Software for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Hits the American Market. 

We think CYPE has incredible potential and we are proud to be the first trusted resellers in the US.

But don't just take our word for it. We would like you to get a good look at CYPE  by issuing a 90-day FREE Trial. You can claim the download by emailing

CYPE has launched the 2021 version with a focus on 3D architectural modeling,  personalized design and analysis solutions, and the integration of new structural solutions into the Open BIM workflow. 

Find out more about CYPE here and take a look at some of CYPE's features in the following video.

To help you further explore the numerous amount of CYPE tools, we have recorded a couple of NOVEDGE Webinars. This one, for example, focuses on  CYPE HVAC .

Here's what you need to do to test CYPE Technical Software:

Step 1 - today, to request your 90-day free trial download of CYPE Software. 

Step 2 - Register to our upcoming NOVEDGE Webinars, CYPEFIRE Your Complete FIRE SAFETY Solution, and CYPEHVAC and THREMAL LOADS Solutions for live interaction with our favorite technical specialists.  

Step 3 - Call us at1-866-362-8970 if you have any questions about the product or if you would like to switch from your trial to a professional license.


Cype Building Solution

CYPE Building Solution

Cype Fire Solution

CYPE Fire Solution

Cype HVAC Solution

CYPE HVAC Solution

Barbara D'Aloisio
Barbara D'Aloisio

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