CYPE, Technical Software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Hits the American Market

June 24, 2020 2 min read

CYPE, Technical Software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Hits the American Market-NOVEDGE

NOVEDGE: Tell us a little bit about Cype and how it all started.

Jaime Sempere: CYPE develops and distributes technical software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals. CYPE was founded in 1983, following a surge in activity in the Structural Engineering sector. Nowadays CYPE occupies a leading position within the sector, offering a variety of programs that stand out due to the wide range of cases that are dealt with, the reliability of the results, and the ease with which they can be managed.

NOVEDGE: What are the main areas you focus on?

Jaime Sempere:  CYPE software covers three fundamental areas in the elaboration of the project:

Structural design and analysis(For both concrete and metal)


Project Management


MEP and all the building installations


NOVEDGE: How many programs do you provide?

Jaime Sempere:   We have over 140 programs,  not all of them suited for the US market, yet, but we are getting there at the speed of light. You can find the programs available for the US market on this NOVEDGE page.

NOVEDGE: How do you keep up with the changes in the field?

James Sempere:   We are constantly adapting and bettering our software, we prioritize changes in building codes and apply them before they are required. We are always getting feedback from our 100,000 users on ways to improve our software. Every year we bring out a yearly update or version, this usually comes out between June and July. But in addition to that, there are about 4-6 updates throughout the year of the current version.  

NOVEDGE: Are there emerging sectors you are trying to cover with your programs?

James Sempere:  Risk management, fire safety and personal distancing are hot topics at the moment, pun intended .

NOVEDGE:  Tell us about your timely app for Covid-19?

James Sempere: There is a software we have just developed to help with the pandemic. Our team of engineers has worked on a unique, easy to use, and completely FREE  software called OpenBim COVID 19. This app can be used to generate workplace re-entry plans in any type of business or establishment (both indoor and outdoor). It is also possible to adjust the program with different recommendations. OpenBim COVID 19 is available to anyone and everyone completely free of charge at our Bim Server store.  Here's a video walking you through its basic use.  

NOVEDGE: What sets you apart from the competition?

James Sempere:Constantly adapting to the changing global market and the fact that our licenses are a onetime charge, they continue to function in the version purchased.

We would like you to get a good look at CYPE by issuing a 90-day FREE Trial

Discover Cype Products

Cype Building Solution

Cype Building Solution

CYPE HVAC Solution

CYPE HVAC Solution

CYPE Electricity Solution

CYPE Electricity Solution.

Barbara D'Aloisio
Barbara D'Aloisio

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