ARCHline.XP, the Gateway to BIM We All Need

March 18, 2020 4 min read

ARCHline.XP, the Gateway to BIM We All Need-NOVEDGE

ARCHline.XP, the Gateway to BIM We All Need

NOVEDGE: Tell us a little bit about yourself and ARCHline.XP. 

Zoltán Tóth:My name is Zoltán Tóth and I am responsible for international partnerships at ARCHLine. I build long-term resale and collaboration relationships from the US to Korea. I spread ARCHLine-awareness, and help our partners to successfully represent our brand in their respective countries. I am very proud to work with companies that deliver top-notch solutions to their clients. It's a great feeling to see projects being realized all over the globe, with the design software that we make. Here’s an interview with me from 2017 made by Ralph Grabowski.

ARCHLine.XP, was started way back in 1991 by four Hungarians who wanted to develop an advanced 3D CAD design software for architects and interior designers.

Years passed, but we still stay competitive on a very tough market, because ARCHLine.XP comes with comprehensive architectural and interior design tools, and such combination is not too common on the market, even though it's loved by small and mid-sized AEC companies alike, especially because we have a very forgiving pricing structure, as we offer perpetual licenses.

NOVEDGE: Can you talk about the product family? 

Zoltán Tóth:Being aware that ideal CAD solutions are the ones able to tailor to the users, we developed a family of products, catering to the very different customers out there:

ARCHLine.XP LT - Affordable BIM solution for professionals wanting to work in 3D, mostly in small AEC offices.

ARCHLine.XP Professional - A complete BIM solution,  for architectural and interior design offices .

ARCHLine.XP Live - An Archviz software solution for all the ones who need to create breathtaking visuals in seconds.

NOVEDGE: Who are the professional personas using your products? 

Zoltán Tóth:Our products are perfect for Architects, Interior Designers, Decorators, Product and Furniture Designers, and Home Staging Professionals.

Here’s what Interior Designers and Draftsmans have to say about ARCHline.XP. And here's a detailed and illuminating reviewfrom a CAD industry expert in Australia.

NOVEDGE: What kind of projects can be realized with ARCHline.XP? 

Zoltán Tóth:In our portfolio we have hotels, condos, apartment buildings, offices, showrooms and even family houses and kitchens. The projects being realized with our product have a very wide range - and that makes us especially proud. Feel free to browse our user-made content  here for more information on the type of projects and for inspiration. 

NOVEDGE: What kind of files can be imported or exported in ARCHlineXP?

Zoltán Tóth:We know that designers work in a turbulent environment, collaborating with many other professionals, who might be using 5+ different software for drafting, rendering or calculation. This is why it's important to make ARCHLine.XP open for as many import and export formats as possible. We import (among others) IFC, RVT and RFA files, to make sure that you can work together with fellow-architects, even if they use other BIM programs. We also export into file formats that you can read into your rendering engine. Instead of trying to be different from other programs, we emphasize how you can collaborate with them.

NOVEDGE:  Can you also import PDF files? 

Zoltán Tóth:You can import PDF files, plots, in a raster image format, or even as vectorized, so that you can grab the linework right away.

NOVEDGE: What about other programs you might be working with or other rendering engines? 

Zoltán Tóth:Among others, you can export your ARCHLine-made models into SKP, 3DS, OBJ, DAE, ATL, IGS, XML, C4D files, which pretty much cover the whole spectrum of the currently available rendering engines out there.

NOVEDGE: What kind of libraries are you be able to import from?

Zoltán Tóth:ARCHLine.XP comes with a connection to two major libraries, the Trimble 3D Warehouse, the larger user-made library of pretty much everything, and, which is the biggest depository of manufacturer-made real-world products. These platforms are directly available from our program, but if you get files from other sources, you can import them as well, as we support most file formats, which are created by modeling software packages.

NOVEDGE: What are some of your favorite features in ARCline.XP?

Zoltán Tóth: I just LOVE the “walls on DWG” function, it saves tons of time for me, as I get 2D DWG and DXF files all the time. You can watch ARCHline.XP in action here.

Being able to create a staircase of any shape, AND modifying the steps one by one like this, is also worth mentioning.

In my spare time, I like to doodle around with the 3D solid modeler functions, and that’s when I make things like my Fender guitaror recreating a Christmas classic, the staircase from the movie Home Aloneor celebrating an architectural icon, the 100th birthday of the Bauhaus movement.


Zoltán Tóth:ARCHLine.XP Live is an easy-to-use, affordable Archviz animation software. You can turn your 3D design into immersive models, create high quality images, videos, and walkthroughs. I just love how it connects to ARCHLine.XP, and you can push your models into a game-like interface, where you can populate your model with foliage and people.

The need was there: our clients were keep using us to make a platform where visuals are rendered instantly, even if they are working with millions of surfaces.

NOVEDGE: Is LIVE based on a game engine?

Zoltán Tóth:Yes, it is based on the Unreal Engine, the same engine that A-list games use. It’s great to get the same level of support and power as them. Our dev team, and their leader – Mr. Illesh Papp, our product manager – attends Unreal events, and work closely with the good people of Epic Games.

NOVEDGE: Any hardware requirements to be able to run ARCHline.XP LIVE?

Zoltán Tóth:The prevailing system requirements can be checked here.

We just wrapped up the perfect NOVEDGE Webinar with the ARCHline.XP team where you will get a chance to learn how to import your existing CAD drawings, draw multi-story buildings, generate sections and elevations from your model, and create immersive visuals.

Check it out and feel free to call our NOVEDGE Sales Experts with any questions at 866-362-8970 .

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Barbara D'Aloisio
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