VisualARQ: Create Spiral Stairs!

January 30, 2023 1 min read

VisualARQ: Create Spiral Stairs!


With VisualARQ, a plugin that adds architectural resources to Rhino, drafting parametric 3D architectural objects like walls, columns, doors, windows, and stairs, with the accessible and intuitive Rhino interface, is seamless.

Checkout the video and find out how easy it is to design spiral stairs.

  • Start by defining the stair center, the direction of the first step, and all the stair parameters: height, number of steps, width, and alignment
  • Then, make any quick changes to the stair through the properties panel.
  • Finally, obtain the curve to generate the stair railing.

You will save so much time in creating this complex object with VisualARQ!

About VisualARQ

VisualARQ is a fully-integrated Rhino 3D plugin that adds architectural tools to Rhino. Using the accessible and intuitive Rhino interface, VisualARQ provides tools for architects, planners, and interior designers that make the architectural design process and its documentation easy. It also adds parametric 3D architectural objects like walls, columns, doors, windows, and stairs that are suitable for both 3D modeling and 2D documentation. With VisualARQ's feature-based editor you can create and edit your own smart/custom architectural objects.  
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