Maximize Your 3D CAD Model Potential with These 6 Innovative XVL Solutions

November 10, 2023 2 min read

Maximize Your 3D CAD Model Potential with These 6 Innovative XVL Solutions

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Maximize Your 3D CAD Model Potential with These 6 Innovative XVL Solutions

In the realm of 3D CAD modeling, the creative process doesn't end once a design is completed. The true potential of a 3D CAD model lies in its versatility and how it can be utilized downstream from initial design across various departments. XVL from Lattice Technology is a suite of solutions that enhances the usability of 3D CAD models beyond their original design purposes, addressing common production challenges and providing innovative tools for efficient communication and validation across your organization.

Understanding the Challenges

3D CAD files, while essential, come with their own set of complications:

  • They can be large and unwieldy, reaching sizes in the gigabytes.
  • A single product often involves many 3D CAD files, potentially in various formats.
  • The expense of CAD licenses and the expertise required to use them limits access and utility.
  • Standard viewers provide limited functionality and may not support all file formats.

XVL technology seamlessly bridges these gaps, enabling your organization to leverage 3D CAD files from design straight through to production and support.

XVL Enables a Virtual Product Model

By converting all native 3D CAD models for a product into a single, compressed file, XVL maintains CAD-level accuracy while drastically reducing file size. This creates a high-performance, lightweight virtual product model that houses all the data from your native CAD system, enabling more efficient review, validation, and communication processes.

The Six Facets of XVL Solutions

Design Review

XVL facilitates comprehensive design reviews, detecting design issues early on, which can improve quality, reduce costs, and shorten the time-to-market. The technology enables inclusive reviews across departments without the need for expensive software or high-end hardware.

Assembly Process Validation

Virtual assembly validation starts early in the design process with XVL, reducing the reliance on physical prototypes. The technology allows for the validation of assembly planning and adjustments in response to design changes without the typical delays and reworks.

Work Instructions

Create clear and accurate work instructions using 3D CAD models. XVL enables the effortless creation of 2D illustrations and 3D animations, and ensures that any updates to the design are reflected automatically in the work instructions.

Technical Illustrations

XVL streamlines the creation of technical illustrations directly from 3D design data, ensuring consistent quality and automatically updating illustrations in response to design changes.

Technical Documentation

Generate interactive technical documentation with ease by using existing 3D design data. XVL supports a variety of publishing formats, including web, Microsoft Excel, 3D PDF, and 2D PDF, enhancing the interactivity and maintainability of technical documents.

Electronic Spare Parts Catalogs and Service Portals

Extend the life of your 3D models by integrating them into interactive, graphical-based parts catalogs and service portals for a comprehensive service and support experience.

Discover More with XVL

If you're looking to extract more value from your 3D CAD models and enhance your organization's operational efficiency, XVL offers a suite of solutions tailored to meet these needs. For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, contact our sales team at NOVEDGE.



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