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Powerful 3D scene and animation translation for Maya
PolyTrans for MayaPolyTrans for Maya is a premiere plug-in system for Maya (Windows) that allows Maya to freely exchange complete 3D scene data with virtually any other 3D software package, such as 3ds Max (via PolyTrans for 3dsMax and Okino bdf format), ACIS SAT, Autodesk Inventor, and many others. Some conversion pipelines are import or export only.
PolyTrans for Maya has become one of Okino's most popular, specialized plug-in converter systems since it adds a lot of new functionality to the Maya software package itself. It also forms a natural and well refined pipeline between Maya and 3ds Max via the mirror twin PolyTrans for Maya and PolyTrans for 3ds Max native plug-in modules.
PolyTrans for Maya breaks down all previous data translation barriers and truly makes Maya a universally open software package. In the tradition of all Okino 3D data translators, resulting translated files are 'Render Ready' meaning that they can be loaded and rendered in the destination program (Maya, Softimage 3D/XSI, 3ds Max, Lightwave, etc.) with little or no changes necessary. The translation process accommodates polygonal meshes, trimmed NURBS, hierarchy, vertex normals/colors/texture-coordinates, material and texture mapping parameters, lights, cameras, object/camera/light animation conversion (file format specific) and automatic 2D bitmap conversion (when necessary).


  • The most robust, efficient and highest quality 3D production-proven converters for 3ds Max and Maya.
  • The mirror twin PolyTrans for 3ds Max and PolyTrans for Maya plug-in systems form the most technically accurate and robust bi-directional conversion system between 3ds Max and Maya.
  • Tight integration into 3ds Max's and Maya's core scene graph allows all conversions to be performed from within the user interface of 3ds Max or Maya. Stand-alone version for all other conversion tasks.
  • Okino pioneered the process and methods of animation cross conversions! 3ds Max, Maya, COLLADA, DirectX, FBX, Lightwave, Softimage (XSI), VRML2/X3D, U3D, XAML and more. Very robust and well refined.
  • Proper conversion of skeletons and bones between Maya and 3ds Max, Lightwave, COLLADA, FBX, Softimage, U3D, and DirectX. Going from Maya to 3ds Max is particularly fraught with problems but the automatic bone re- orientation algorithm resolves such problems automatically. A core Okino competency in the DCC world.
  • Resulting translated files are 'Render Ready' meaning that they can be loaded and rendered in the destination program with little or no changes necessary. The translation process accommodates polygonal meshes, trimmed NURBS in and out (Maya), skinning/bones/joints, hierarchy, vertex normals/colors/texture-coordinates, material and texture mapping parameters, lights, cameras, frame-accurate camera locks-ups between 3ds Max and Maya, animation conversion and automatic 2D bitmap conversion.
  • Over the last 3 decades Okino has pioneered the entire concept of bringing complex CAD assemblies into 3ds Max, Maya and its predecessors. These are very refined and efficient CAD pipelines. A typical complex CAD conversion process only takes a few minutes or less, including full scene optimizations. There is no concept of spending days or weeks 'trying' or 'struggling' to get CAD data into these programs, a myth wrongly and purposely propagated by others.
    • Very strong, proven and robust CAD file support. Okino has always been the most cost effective provider of solids-based CAD formats including: ACIS, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA v4, CATIA v5, DXF/DWG, DWF-3D (AutoCAD and Revit), IGES, JT Open, Parasolid, native Pro/ENGINEER (which uses an embedded copy of PTC Pro/ENGINEER for perfect translations), Solid Edge, Rhino, SolidWorks, STEP, STL, U3D, VDA-FS and VRML+X3D.
    • The hidden magic in the conversion process is Okino's unique and proprietary CAD optimization processor, integrated into each of our CAD importers. This processor is by far the most complex aspect of our entire 3D CAD conversion software pipeline. Turn it on and it'll wrangle large and unwieldy CAD assemblies into refined datasets for efficient animation, rendering or interactive viewing.
    • Most importantly, Okino does not use reverse engineered CAD modules as is done by others, but rather licenses, utilizes and/or accesses the industry standard CAD geometry engines from Autodesk Inventor, Dassault Systemes (CATIA), PTC (Pro/ENGINEER), Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Spatial (ACIS solids engine), UGS/Siemens (JT Open toolkit) and others.
    • Import parts, assemblies, hierarchy and materials directly from a running copy or native file of Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, or SolidWorks. Unique!
  • Direct import and export of Softimage files from within the Maya user interface, including production-quality conversion of animation, mesh skinning/bones (envelopes), geometry, materials, lights, cameras and textures.
  • Bullet-proof and robust import of DXF and DWG files. The NuGraf/PolyTrans DXF/DWG reader reads in and converts literally any DXF or DWG file (including embedded ACIS solids) then optimizes it into a render-ready model. Huge files can be processed quickly. Memory usage is low for large scenes.
  • Strong and production-worthy support for the popular Lightwave and 3ds Max packages, among others. These translators import and export complete scenes files, bitmaps and all related information.
  • Strong ties to the visual simulation (VisSim) community with proven OpenFlight, VRML 1.0 and 2.0 and X3D import/export support.
  • Controllable via a MEL-script interface (Maya) or MaxScript (for 3ds Max) for both importing and exporting of files.
  • Dozens and dozens of options are provided via multi-pane dialog boxes inside PolyTrans for Maya and PolyTrans-for-3ds-Max to finely control the data conversion process.
  • Automatic conversion of foreign 2D bitmap image file formats to/from those recognized by Maya and 3ds Max. Native Alias PIX and IFF (not Amiga IFF) 2d bitmap read/write support was also developed and added to the core PolyTrans.
  • Access to robust polygon processing tools which can take impossible-to-render datasets and turn them into renderable models. Functions include auto-welding, auto-unification of normals, reorientation of normals, removal of double sided polygons and more. A complex polygon reduction system is also available in the stand-alone PolyTrans.
  • We actively support 12 legacy + 2 current versions of Maya and 3ds Max. This would allow, for example, a company who owns a very old copy of Maya to migrate all of their 3D assets and scenes over to the newest version of 3ds Max.
  • Okino provides excellent, hands-on and personal tech support, for free, with each software package. We know 3D graphics and data translation inside-out!

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PolyTransPolyTrans: A powerful 3D scene, animation and NURBS translation tool395359Add to Cart
DCC Pack for OkinoComplete set of Okino add-ons for DCC formats245229Add to Cart
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Includes Maya Plugin
Includes 3ds Max Plugin
Standard CAD Import
Advanced CAD import
DCC Data Import

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of PolyTrans for Maya requires :
Maya 2020Maya 2020 1-Year: Begin your journey into the world of 3D graphics and animation1,545Add to Cart

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