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PolyTrans for 3ds Max: Powerful 3D scene and animation translation for 3ds Max

PolyTrans for 3ds MaxPolyTrans for 3ds Max is one of the most universally owned and used core technologies deeply integrated into 3ds Max, which allows it to natively convert between all major 3D CAD, DCC, Animation, Skinning/Skeleton/Bones & VisSim file formats or 3D programs with full professional fidelity (some conversion pipelines are import or export only). It has been in constant daily use for well over 15 years by tens of thousands of the world's best known companies, from ILM to Disney to Boeing to BMW and almost every top named company as broken out here. Hence, this is extremely stable and well refined conversion software. A license to PolyTrans for 3ds Max comes with each base-level version of PolyTrans and NuGraf.
Industry Standard Pipeline for Bidirectional 3ds Max/Maya Conversions
A pivotal aspect of the Okino software for many of Okino's users are the PolyTrans for 3ds Max and PolyTrans-for-Maya native plug-in systems. These modules allow 3ds Max and Maya to directly import/export all of the Okino supported file formats from within their respective user interfaces. Other common uses of the plug-in systems is for bidirectional 3ds Max/Maya conversions (via the Okino ".bdf" file format), import & optimization of large CAD datasets from all major 3D CAD packages & file formats, import/export to all 3D gaming file formats (including skinned mesh and skeleton conversions), OpenFlight VisSim conversions, and of course bidirectional conversions to most other 3D file formats and software packages (from LightWave, to Softimage, COLLADA, VRML2/X3D, DirectX, SketchUp, and dozens more).
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Main Features
Data Translation
Model Rendering
Includes Maya Plugin
Includes 3ds Max Plugin
Standard CAD Import
Advanced CAD import
DCC Data Import
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Okino Plugins
Includes Maya Plugin
Includes 3ds Max Plugin
Standard CAD Import
Advanced CAD import
DCC Data Import

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of PolyTrans for 3ds Max requires :
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