What's New in Z-Brush 2021.7

September 01, 2021 2 min read

What's New in  Z-Brush 2021.7

ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. 

Pixologic has released ZBrush 2021.7, its latest free update for all registered users.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to upgrade, based upon your  license type and current version number 

New Features of Z-Brush 2021.7

These are the new features of Z-Brush's latest version:

  • Design with Precision using the Knife brushes. For hard surface work, ZBrush 2021.7 introduces two new Knife brushes for cutting geometry along a path. KnifeCurve cuts along the line of a Curve stroke; KnifeLasso along the line of a Lasso selection. These new knives brushes they can be used with symmetry; and the new topology created by the cut consists largely of quads, barring the odd triangle where the new surface meets the old one.
  • Store a point of view and swap back to it as needed with Stager. Stager makes it possible to store the position, rotation and scale of any Sub-Tool in two states: the Home stage and the Target stage.
  • Brush-Based Beveling.  The new Bevel brushes, BevelArc and BevelFlat, are used for bevelling the edges of a model via a brush-based workflow, rather than by entering parameter values for the Bevel deformer.
  • Use Stroke Interpolate to create stroke arrays.  Stroke Interpolate creates an array of regularly spaced brush strokes between two source strokes. The shape of the generated strokes morphs smoothly between the two source strokes, making it possible to create patterns of detail that conform to the contours of a surface.
  • Mirror Poseable PolyPaint and Mask on topologically symmetrical meshes even after they’ve been posed.New Mask Changed Points and Groups Changed Points convert the previous stroke into a mask or a new Polygroup.
  • Adjust Last brush stroke to change its color or shape without having to redraw it.  Adjust Last makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the previous sculpting, painting or masking stroke without having to undo and redo it. Adjust Last can also be used on entire series of strokes between points chosen in the Undo History.

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