This is AiHouse, The New Powerhouse Solution for Interior Design

August 27, 2021 5 min read

This is AiHouse, The New Powerhouse Solution for Interior Design

Novedge : Tell us a little bit about AiHouse and what you do.

Ellis Yeung:  AiHouse was founded in 2013 in China and in the last 8 years has grown to reach over 2 million users. We are working with over 8000 companies in furniture industry, including many well-known international brands such as Kohler, Nobilia, Stanley, Rocca…… I’m now leading a team whose goal is to bring this incredible software to the world. Although we just started our international business in 2019, we are already working with partners in 11 countries, serving local interior designers and furniture business.  

Novedge:  How does AiHouse work?

Ellis Yeung: Since with AiHouse everything happens on the cloud, you don’t have to worry about hardware setup. Users can quickly design a scene and edit the details with a first-person perspective and can then generate stunning 4K renders in minutes. We offer a drag and drop design interface, along with 10 powerful customization modules. It is even possible to add interactive features on the panoramas to make them more engaging to your clients. Moreover, the panoramas can be easily shared and are mobile-friendly.

Scan this QR code to see a beautiful panoramic walk-through. 

Novedge: What kind of professionals or industries can make the best use of your solution?

Ellis Yeung:   First and foremost, all Interior Designers. With our solution, they don’t have to juggle multiple software or extensions because they can now do everything in AiHouse.  They can quickly deliver compelling proposals to their clients with 4K visualizations rendered in minutes.
Other entities that will totally benefit form AiHouse are furniture companies. Furniture companies can produce refreshing marketing visuals for their target customers so much faster than before. Many furniture stores have already equipped their sales teams with AiHouse because it helps their customers visualize future home in a short time, which significantly increases closing rates. Furthermore, furniture brands can expand their visibility by presenting their products in our library, which is viewed and utilized by all AiHouse users. 
Finally, even e-commerce businesses can benefit from AiHouse. We are already working on several projects in Europe that would integrate AiHouse with different e-commerce websites. These e-commerce platforms specialize in furniture selling and they are all looking for a solution that can provide their visitors a more engaging online shopping experience. And this is exactly where AiHouse can help. Visitors can go to the e-commerce websites, select the products they are interested in, and play with them in AiHouse. If they are happy with what they are seeing in the renders, they can just place orders directly. 

Novedge: What kind of specific modules do you offer?

Ellis Yeung:   AiHouse offers 10 intelligent modules to help users customize their designs down to the last detail. You can easily create various storage combinations, complicated tiling, multilayer ceiling, interior gardens and more...
AiHouse even has a Sketchup-like module, which allows you to build intricate interior or exterior structures. We have a huge knowledge base with over 300 videos of tutorialsand real cases. You’ll be surprised by what AiHouse can handle. We recently launched Magic Video, which is a fascinating solution for animations. You can produce mind-blowing animated walk-throughs powered by real-time ray tracing technology, simply by adjusting camera angles and applying movement formats. The best news is that we are making it free to all AiHouse users at the moment.

Novedge: What are the main features of AiHouse?

Ellis Yeung:   To sum it all up, these are the features that make AiHouse a real powerhouse:

Easy Workflows. Powerful Toolsets.
Beside the drag and drop design experience, AiHouse offers 10 parametric modules for customization of storage, flooring, ceiling…which allows interior designers to edit every aspect of their ideas.

Huge Library
Our library is massive, with over 30 million 3D models and materials available. You can also create your personal library by uploading 3ds Max or Sketchup models to AiHouse.

Render in minutes
AiHouse can render photo-realistic 4K images and panoramas in only a few minutes. It also allows you to quickly produce interactive and panoramic walk-throughs, which provide your audience a more engaging experience.

2D documents
We think like a professional. AiHouse can generate CAD drawings, cutting lists, BOM and quotations directly from your projects with a click. AiHouse takes care of the tedious work so users can focus on polishing design ideas. 

AiHouse is entirely on the cloud, which means that designers don’t have to invest in expensive computer setups to render stunning visuals. You can design and render in AiHouse anytime, anywhere.

Novedge: How easy is it to design using AiHouse?

Ellis Yeung: All the workflows in AiHouse are simple, intuitive and intelligent. In our kitchen module, our built-in AI can even automatically generate props inside the cabinets and on the countertop. When you are out of design ideas, you can find inspiration from our beautiful sample scenes and take whatever suits your projects. Our AI can also design for you by applying different templates to your floorplan.

Novedge: How quickly can you really render? 

Ellis Yeung:  You can render SD, HD, UHD and 4K images directly inside AiHouse. It usually takes less than 5 minutes to render a 4K picture. For 4K or 6K panoramas, it just takes 3 to 5 minutes. We are already working on 8K and 16K, which would add even more realism to the visuals. 

Novedge: How do you populate your extensive library?

Ellis Yeung: We update the library once a month. Our partners in different countries would also help us add 3D models or materials that are more suitable to the local community of users. We currently have over 30 million 3D models and materials in our library and we are getting close to reaching 40 million. Our ultimate goal is to give our users the luxury of never have to search for 3D models or even to have create their own assets anymore...

Novedge: You have a considerable amount of users  worldwide. To what do you most attribute your success? 

Ellis Yeung:  The technology behind AiHouse gets most of the credits. Thanks to our developing team, AiHouse can reduce design and render time from days to hours, and from hours to minutes. Everyday this software is getting more powerful and more designer-friendly. This is what the market expects nowadays. I have been talking to a lot of young interior designers lately and they all want the same thing: a software that is easy-to-use and upgrades continuously. That’s why more and more interior designers are embracing AiHouse.
For the past 6 months, our global users grew by 160% compared with last year.

Connect with our experts at 1-866- 362-8970 if you have questions about this amazing tool and don't forget to register to our upcoming Novedge Webinar featuring AiHouse.

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