The Fascinating World of Novedge Order Processing

December 18, 2006 3 min read

Order processing is easily dismissed as a non-strategic component of a company's success. At Novedge we believe that order processing is a key part in assuring the best purchasing experience for our customers. I'm the person in charge of the order processing and I personally take care of most of the orders that come to Novedge.

order processing is a key part in assuring the best purchasing experience for our customers

Order processing begins when a customer places an order, either online at our website, which is the most common case, or over the phone with Novedge staff. The order is immediately passed through certain security measures we have in place to ensure that it has been placed by the legitimate owner of the credit card. The credit card is then sent to the bank, and authorization must be granted before the order will proceed. After the authorization is granted, the addresses are checked again with more security measures, in order to protect our customers and us from fraud and to ensure that the shipping carrier will be able to find you.

I was very happy to find out the extent of our fraud-prevention and security measures when I first began working here. I like working in an ethical workplace with people who have integrity.  Another thing that pleases me is that we are pro-active regarding customer service, and the whole Novedge environment prides itself on being on top of things for our customer. I remember the story of a customer, living in San Francisco, who needed his Rhino 3.0 by that evening. Franco hand delivered it to him, and charged nothing for the shipping fee. Often our order processing is so fast, in fact, that a customer might call to change or alter their order in some way, and find their order has already been placed in FedExor UPS hands (not that we wouldn't do what we could to accommodate our customers.) So be sure to be accurate when you order online!

This brings me to another point – we often get customers who are almost sure about what they want.  Franco and Cris are always available to help direct the customer to the best item for them. They also have plenty of experience – both have been in the industry for a combined total of about 40 years, have Computer Science degrees, and both taught at the University level in this subject. They are a wealth of information and the customers leave feeling confident in their choices.

But back to order processing –
The next step depends on the order – for orders with digital delivery an email with the software's link and instructions is then sent out and the order is complete.

The rest of the orders are directed to me. Since we have literally thousands of products, the order procedure varies depending on the product, whether or not it is in stock, and any coupons or new releases included in the order. I process all orders I receive almost immediately, either shipping them out directly or having them drop-shipped for you. At the same time, I track past orders and work on getting the tracking numbers out, so that our customers can be assured their package is on its way to them.

Once the orders have been sent and the customer has received it, I send a follow-up email to make sure everything is OK.

Thanks to our back-office system, it's all very easy. Accuracy is key. The process for me has been very well organized so I'm usually monitoring and following set procedures – if something seems out-of-the-ordinary, I simply ask Franco or Cris to step in and clear up any confusion, which they are always happy to do.

Carolyn Avery

Franco Folini
Franco Folini

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