Specials and New Releases – April 20, 2015

April 20, 2015 2 min read

It's Monday, Spring Break is over , and it is time to get off that couch. Or perhaps it's time to get on it, and start rendering a stunning looking couch like the one in this picture (made possible by the newly released Artlantis 6 ). Want to find out more about this particular Software? We have a Novedge Webinarwhere you can take a look at Artlantis 6 and all its rendering possibilities. Check out our Webinar Series schedule, and check out this week's Specials and New Releases for more Motivation! Have a great Monday!©Abvent_6 - Image credits Abvent.


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Renga Architecture

Renga Architecture's interface provides an unrestricted 3D space in which to design comfortably, with all tools available in 3D mode. Check out this new and exciting product on our catalog!



To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.

Rigging Master Course Training Video

The update to the Rigging Master Course, form The Foundry, has more than doubled in size and awesomeness. It offers a comprehensive, on-demand educational system for users of all levels interested in learning production-level rigging. Get 20% off this training or an upgrade from the previous version to this training until Monday April 20 at midnight PDT! Wait, that is today…hurry and order here!


MODO 801

Buy a new seat or upgrade to MODO 801 now and get an upgrade to MODO 901 for free when it ships!https://player.vimeo.com/video/124320824 


To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.

formZ Pro Spring Special

Save $200 when you buy a new formZ pro license or formZ pro RenderZone bundle through the end of April 2015. This offer includes a free upgrade to the up coming formZ pro v8.5 with some pretty exciting new features! Additional seats for your formZ license are also just $795. Check out all the products on special and call Bob  at (866) 362-8970 x706.



Wednesday Webinar: What’s new in AutoCAD 2016

Join Autodesk Technical Evangelist and Cadalyst columnist Lynn Allen as she takes you on a tour of the many AutoCAD 2016productivity enhancements including the modernized user interface, reality capture and render advancements along with dozens of everyday improvements. Knowing Lynn – she’s sure to throw in some tips and tricks you can use regardless of the AutoCAD release you are using. Webinar 154
The webinar is free and will last about one hour and a half, including the Q & A session.

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