Real-Time and Ray Tracing "on Demand" With the New Artlantis RT2

September 14, 2023 2 min read

Real-Time and Ray Tracing "on Demand" With the New Artlantis RT2

Three years ago, Studio Base 2's R&D teams, formerly known as Abvent, made a significant observation in the rendering software market. They noticed a clear divide: some software prioritized rendering speed, while others focused on delivering hyper-realistic images. Recognizing this division, the teams decided to embark on a fresh start while committing to preserving the core elements that had contributed to Artlantis' previous success.
These elements included :

  • affordability
  • lifetime licensing
  • seamless compatibility with both Mac and Windows platforms
  • user-friendliness. This dedication led them to develop a new software guided by four fundamental principles: simplicity, performance, agility, and realism.


 Artlantis RT² is not just a 2023 version of Artlantis; it's an entirely new and highly promising software!

Preferred Rendering Mode

  • The "Real Time" option for instant image creation. Our beta testers have found that they can generate 8 full HD images in under 27 seconds using the real-time mode. 
  •  The "Ray Tracing"option perfectly simulates natural light and ensures the best balance between calculation time and rendering quality in the market! Our beta testers found that just 40 seconds are enough to create an exceptional full HD Ray tracing rendering.
For users who prefer not to make a choice, it is, of course, possible to combine both rendering modes.

Project Variants
Project Variants allows users to compare multiple architectural proposals and evolve them independently of each other without changing files.
A significant portion has been dedicated to the project itself, occupying over 2/3 of the user's screen, ensuring the best possible workspace while working. 

Integrated Objects and Textures
The MediaStore, highly appreciated by Artlantis users for its well-configured characters, plants, textures, and objects (both generic and branded), has gained prominence by being directly integrated into the new software, Artlantis RT². This means that users of the solution now have access to thousands of "media" ready to use to enhance their renderings. Studio Base 2 has diligently worked to establish partnerships with iconic brands such as Ligne Roset, Duvivier Canapé, USM, Vitra, Tarkett, and many others who were thrilled to join the MediaStore.

Artlantis RT² is compatible with all leading modeling software and empowers users to effortlessly and instantly create high-quality photorealistic renderings. Offering both Real Time and Ray Tracing capabilities (which inspired its name), Artlantis RT² is synonymous with simplicity, performance, agility, and realism.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about Artlantis RT² or to request a quote.


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Artlantis RT² license

Artlantis RT² license

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Artlantis RT² Upgrade

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