Maxon One Fall Release: Massive Performance Boosts and New Features!

September 15, 2023 5 min read

Maxon One Fall Release: Massive Performance Boosts and New Features!

The highly anticipated September release brings updates to nearly every product in the Maxon One subscription.

This latest release includes:


CINEMA 4D Incredible performance and interactive playback enhancements, the addition of Rigid Body Dynamics to the Unified Simulation System, new Pyro features and speedups, and new Vertex Normal tools highlight this extensive release.

Scene Manager
This innovative tool offers the speed and creativity of the Classic Object Manager while seamlessly integrating Classic C4D objects. Your actions in the Scene Manager generate corresponding node graphs in Scene Nodes, providing flexibility in your workflow.
Pyro empowers you to effortlessly generate fire, smoke, and explosive effects, all simulated on either your GPU or CPU.

  • Using Pyro tags, you can easily emit smoke and fire from any Cinema 4D object, fine-tuning parameters like smoke density and fire temperature. Pyro efficiently manages voxel grids exported to Cinema 4D's object system for rendering and other enhancements, simplifying simulation caching in VDB. 
  •  Adding fuel is a breeze – just apply a Pyro Tag to objects. When fire meets fuel, the blaze ignites and intensifies. 
  •  Pyro seamlessly integrates with Cinema 4D's Unified Simulation System, allowing you to ignite Cloth and Soft Bodies effortlessly. The default setup combines everything into a single simulation, but you can use the Simulation Scene object to separate simulation effects and forces. 
  •  With Pyro tags on particle emitters, thinking particle geometries, and matrix cloners, you can create cinematic scenes with fire, smoke trails, explosions, or stunning fireworks displays. 
  •  Harness the power of UpRes to work with lower resolution simulations for quicker concepting, then render in full quality for the final output. 
  •  For pyro effects development, Pyro offers invaluable previews that enhance artistic design. Generate impressive viewport previews of Pyro and Fog VDBs for client reviews, with density and temperature translating into smoke and fire. Thanks to NanoVDB, the preview extends beyond Pyro objects to support any Fog volume in Cinema 4D. 
  •  Control Pyro Emitter colors via Vertex Colors, and for optimal performance, restrict simulations in space using a destructor force while keeping infinite simulation possibilities by default.
Experience a revolution in 3D object creation with a rich array of new modeling tools.
  • Easily reshape meshes with automatic topology transformation through ZRemesher.
  • Enhanced Vector Import support simplifies working with Illustrator and SVG artwork.
  • Modeling with Symmetry allows for mirrored changes.
  • Radial Symmetry simplifies modeling round objects by defining slices and offsets interactively.
  • Select Pattern streamlines the process of repeating selections across your mesh's surface with a single click.
  • The Projection Deformer empowers you to swiftly transfer points from one object to another in any direction.
The Unified Simulation System offers versatile computation options on both CPU and GPU, featuring robust multi-threading for enhanced performance, particularly with intricate cloth simulations.

Includes significant updates to the Trapcode, Magic Bullet, VFX and Universe toolsets, and the addition of Japanese and Chinese UI support. Also, dozens of new presets for Magic Bullet and Universe.

  • Trapcode 2024 fuels your creativity with the fiery addition of Combustion to the Particular Fluid Dynamics simulation, which adds realistic thermal dynamics to a simulation and makes flames react realistically to positional data. In addition, a new workflow allows you to create seamless particle tracks with Stroke from Parent.
  • Particular introduces Combustion to its Fluid Dynamics simulation, enhancing After Effects with lifelike thermal dynamics. Moreover, Particular now empowers child systems to inherit particle attributes, including type, size, and opacity, from their parent system upon birth, greatly amplifying creative potential in parent-child configurations. A newly introduced Ground Bounce Plane streamlines processes and accelerates outcomes. Motion graphics artists can further diversify their styles and captivate audiences with three fresh gradient interpolation models, leaving a memorable impression.
  • Magic Bullet 2024 introduces 30+ new presets to enhance project diversity. With OCIO color management integrated into Magic Bullet Looks, users can seamlessly control colors across their production pipeline, ensuring consistency between After Effects and Magic Bullet Looks.
  • VFX 2024 introduces exciting enhancements for Real Lens Flares. It includes 2D+Distance for customizable Z-space light source distance. Light Control simplifies precise flare placement in 3D-tracked scenes. Ring projection offers vintage flare aesthetics from the 1970s and 80s, while Schmutz can now be highlighted by your light source.
  • Universe 2024 offers more than 50 new Capsule presets for video editors and compositors that will spark their creativity. 

Redshift 3.5.19 brings new options to the MatCap shader for creating beautiful illustrative renders from digital sketches. The Distorter node now supports 3D distortion via Maxon Noise, enabling the distortion of bump maps. Performance enhancements are seen in Redshift CPU rendering for systems with a minimum of 12 CPU threads. Plus, Redshift in Blender now includes support for the Jitter Node, facilitating quick variation of shader attributes across numerous assets.

  • MatCap Shader Node Quickly create stylized, non-photo-real materials by mapping an image onto a mesh. This Shader allows you to prepare beautiful illustrative renders from your own digital sketches.
  • Distorter Node shader can be used to drive distortion of the UV space for a material according to texture or shader input, immediately producing variation to break up repeating maps. The Distorter node now supports 3D distortion using Maxon Noise. This means that Distortion is no longer limited to color texture inputs and 3D distortion of the popular Maxon Noise node and distortion of bump maps is now possible.
  • Jitter Node Automatically apply color variation across a large number of objects with the same material applied. Great for creating foliage, rocks, a mason jar full of gumballs or a crate of delicious avocados of varying degrees of ripeness. The Jitter Node is currently available for most DCCs (Cinema 4D, ZBrush, 3dsmax, Maya, Houdini, Katana, Blender).


The latest Capsules update brings a range of valuable additions, including the Catenary Spline Modifier for simulating hanging wires, ropes, and cables. There are also extra example scenes for the Break Spline Modifier. Additionally, the update introduces 50 new Redshift materials, offering diverse options such as various metals and car paint materials, especially suitable for automotive and hard surface models. For visualizations, 3D models have been included, featuring 52 more Laubwerk plant assets covering a wide range of plant types and 16 Home Décor models, including chairs, coat racks, and wine racks, enhancing possibilities for both exterior and interior design work.

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