Novedge Experts Series: thinkingParticles Course.

April 14, 2017 1 min read

We just wrapped our Novedge Experts Series, the in depth thinkingParticles' training delivered by Visual Effects Artist Goran Pavles. Countless blockbuster movies and projects have depended on thinkingParticles' limitless ability to portray advanced physics-based particle effects that are simply mind-blowing! Poster GoranIf you missed the live broadcast, you can still enjoy the recording on YouTube for a small fee. The information and the inspiration provided by Goran Pavles is THAT GOOD! 

thinkingParticles Course by Goran Pavles:

Episode 1:  Tree Rigging and Simulation of Leaves (part 1) 

Episode 2: Tree Rigging and Simulation of leaves (part 2) 

In these first two sessions Goran looks at tree rigging and simulation of leaves. He uses techniques which are not directly intended for this purpose to help us achieve realistic looking motions.

Episode 3: Simulating Floating Objects on Water 

FloatingObjects with TP6 WebinarAnnouncement from Goran Pavles on Vimeo.

Episode 4:  Big scale destruction techniques using cage systems 

Make sure to check out Goran's Effective Technical Directors Forum for updates on this series and announcements on future tutorials. 

Wouldn't you like to learn from the best?



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