Meet Christy Lee of CLO: “Our technology has tremendous potential to improve upon the fashion industry’s traditional workflow.”

February 26, 2013 2 min read

Kevin Luu, our Marketing Associate (congratulations Kevin on your promotion!), recently travelled to South Korea and took the opportunity to visit the headquarters of CLO and meet with Christy Lee. CLO Virtual Fashion makes MarvelousDesigner and CLO3D, two 3D softwares for fashion designers.


Kevin Luu: Can you tell me a little about who you are and what you do?

Christy Lee: My name is Christy and I am the Global Marketing Manager at CLO.

I am in charge of online marketing through our website. I occasionally reach out to our clients at CG conferences, and publish articles as well as news about our work here at CLO. 

CLO3D - Novedge 01

Kevin Luu: How did Marvelous Designer come about?

Christy Lee: The story of our product goes back to our founder’s childhood, Jaden Seungwoo Oh. Growing up and seeing his mother’s work as a tailor, Jaden saw firsthand the limitations on creativity when it comes to working with real world cloths and fabrics. While pursuing his master’s degree in Engineering in Kaist, South Korea, he became inspired by positive feedback to turn his cloth simulation project into something more practical for real world application. From that moment on, Jaden, now our CTO, made a decision to continue towards his PhD, at the same time developing the first version of MarvelousDesigner.  

CLO3D - Novedge _1296

CLO3D - Novedge _1317

CLO3D - Novedge _1313

CLO3D - Novedge _1295

Kevin Luu:What is the difference between Marvelous Designer and CLO3D?

Christy Lee:MarvelousDesigner and CLO3D are separate, yet distinct software.
MarvelousDesigner is a tool for Computer Graphic artists and CLO3D is meant for specialists in the fashion industry.

CLO3D includes additional features like avatar sizing and dxf export format options. Depending on your design needs, you will find our products to be a more than capable addition to your toolkit.


Created by Zahaoha

Kevin Luu:What's in store for the latest version of Marvelous Designer 3?

Christy Lee:Based on feedback from the community, we are aware of anticipation for the Quad Mesh feature specifically. We’ve been working tirelessly to develop the Quad Mesh to run smoothly for Mac and Windows versions of MarvelousDesigner 2. With a new user interface and new features like 3D Pattern Editing and the Symmetric Pattern editing tool, and so on, MD 3 will be a vastly more powerful software for CG artists. Furthermore, we are looking into the possible inclusion of a Rigid Body Simulation tool and a FBX or Alembic loader. 


Kevin Luu:What innovations do you see in your field, now or in the future?

Christy Lee:So far we've gotten a lot of positive feedback from game developers to artists working in the computer graphics industry.

Outside of the CG industry, we believe our technology has tremendous potential to improve upon the fashion industry’s traditional workflow. We’d like to see ourselves as the pioneers who innovated a new ecosystem for the 3D virtual fashion market.


MarvelousDesigner is available from Novedge.

You can read more about CLO on their website.



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