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January 29, 2013 3 min read

NOVEDGE is much more than an online company: born out of the dream of two engineers to build the kind of online store they would buy from, it has grown to support creativity and innovation. That's why it is so important to us to stay in touch and to interact with you. We want to get to know you better and we want to hear what you are doing, what you love, how we can help you design and create.

We have an extensive presence on social media, so today I decided to take some time to list all the places you can find me, interact with my team and connect with other innovators and professionals like yourself.


Blog Webinar Logos

We are very proud of our Webinar Series! You can find all 62 webinars on our YouTube and Vimeo channels and we add a new one every two weeks. And, starting in June, we will record a live webinar every Wednesday at 11 am. You can find all the details of the upcoming webinars and how to register on our website.



Our blog features interviews with artists and innovators twice a week, like Chris Anderson and Joseph Drust, and occasionally our President and our CEO share their thoughts on a particular topic. We also introduce our new partners and update you on what's happening at Novedge.


Blog Social Media Logos

Novedge is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin. If you are present on any of these social media channels, follow us and get in touch! My team and I will get back to you within 24 hours during the week.

On Twitter, you can keep up with the latest webinar announcements and you can ask questions during the live recording by using #NovedgeWebinar

We also use #NovedgePromo to remind you of some of the best specials we run on our website and #NovedgeTeam and #NovedgeBlog when we post inside news and articles.


And search #NovedgeReview to read the latest reviews on our website, from users like you.



If you are interested in the latest news, subscribing to Novedge Pulse is for you! Pulse shows news and posts from 350 blogs, and sources about 500 different authors. You can also read it on Twitter or Facebook.


Blog Community Logos

Kevin Luu is our online community manager and does a great job of moderating our three online communities, Rhino Jungle. WikiCAD and Vectorworking. If you haven't already, I invite you to join the one that matches your interests and to get involved with other professionals. Each community is also present on Twitter and Facebook, so you can easily keep in touch.

Rhino Jungle is the place to learn and share about Rhino, plugins and complimentary products. You can also connect on Twitter and Facebook.

WikiCAD is the place for all Autodesk product users. You can also check it on Twitter and Facebook. 

And Vectorworking is the community for all Vectoworks users. You can also connect on Twitter and Facebook. 



We recently created The World is 3D, our community for Media and Entertainment professionals. You can join it on Twitter or on Tumblr. We also publish an interview with an M&E artist every Friday on our blog.



Finally, you can follow us on Linkedin and also join our Linkedin Group, The Novedge Network. We are still shaping this group, so I would love to hear from you what in your opinion would make a great topic of conversation.


Novedgetvedit for blog

And last, but not least, we just started a series of short videos of tips on how to best navigate our website. Our site has great tools, including user's reviews and detailed licensing information. I plan on posting one tip every Thursday evening, check out the first Novedge's Tip of the Week and let me know what you would like to see in  future videos.

That's it for now. Please take a few minutes to leave a comment and let me know which social media channel you like the mostand what we can do here at Novedge to connect and build community.




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