Discover The Best New Features Of Enscape 3.0

March 04, 2021 2 min read

Discover The Best New Features Of Enscape 3.0

Chaos Vantage

We are very excited to announce the release of the new Enscape 3.0. 

Renowned for being a visualization tool that can be used without prior specialized knowledge, the latest version of Enscape comes with a brand-new look and feel that will help you design and visualize more intuitively. These are our favorite new features:

Improved UI

The UI overhaul makes Enscape even simpler to use. Among the new improvements:



  • Improved visual setting workflow management 
  • Relocation of functions from the plugin toolbar to the renderer toolbar 
  • A new structure for displaying information in the renderer 
  • A new video timeline view and a change to video keyframes: V = video editor and K = keyframe



To help improve your rendering workflow, a few commonly-used features to the Enscape rendering window have been moved for quicker access – exports, video editor, VR, and visual settings. Additionally, you can now create a view directly from the rendering window with 3.0.


Local assets

Enscape's 3D visual artists have created 333 new assets which focus on iconic or specific assets to local regions. These include vehicles, objects, and species of trees and shrubs to help you produce more authentic, regional experiences within your designs. There are now a total of 2,470 assets for you to drop straight into your projects.

Video editor improvements

The video editor has a new streamlined workflow, with all aspects of the video creation process clearly visible to users, without the need for diving into sub menus. There is also a new timeline view for faster and easier video creation and editing. For more information on how to use the new video editor, click here

Batch rendering for Vectorworks 

Vectorworks users can now batch render a set of images, allowing them to render multiple images at once, significantly speeding up their rendering time.

Faster loading for textures

Enscape now supports simultaneous loading of texture images (used in materials), which results in significantly faster loading times.

Setting presets connected to 3D views

Previously, visual presets, including fog, cloud, or lighting settings, were only applied when doing batch renderings. Now, the visual settings are applied in real time when switching between views.

Check out our very helpful Novedge Webinar to find out how to integrate real-time visualization and VR with Enscape, and register to our upcoming webinar titled Introducing Enscape 3.0 Architectural Rendering and VR Just Got Whole Lot Easier!

Enscape integrates seamlessly into your current design program, letting you visualize instantly any changes in real time.
Connect with one of our experts at 866 362 8970 if you have questions about Enscape 3.0, or CAD solutions like Vectorworks, Revit or SketchUp.


Enscape 3.0

Enscape 3.0

Enscape 3.0 - Floating License

Enscape 3.0 - Floating License  

Vectorworks Architect

Vectorworks Architect 2021

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