Custom Engineering And Enterprise Software With Rubius

July 21, 2021 4 min read

Custom Engineering And Enterprise Software With Rubius

Novedge : Tell us a little bit about Rubius and what you do.

Rubius Team:   Rubius has been developing custom engineering and enterprise software for over 16 years. We develop custom CAD and CAM systems, plugins for Autodesk Altium, Dassault Systemes, Siemens and other vendors. We create solutions using machine learning and computer vision. We also implement VR and AR in manufacturing enterprises. Our team consists of 170+ people, 70% of which are engineers. 

Novedge:  Do you operate worldwide?

Rubius Team: Yes, our software is used by companies from 190 countries. We already have customers in the USA and we would like to extend our reach, You can find us listed among the NOVEGDE Experts.


Novedge: What are the main areas of your business?

Rubius Team:   There are 3 business units in Rubius:


  1. Custom software development.We specialize in CAD/CAM systems and implementation of breakthrough technologies.
  2. Development of our own products. Our flagship is Planyway, a team calendar and timeline. Planyway is already used by 500,000 users around the globe.
  3. Educational projects. We have our own educational center Rubius Academy, and we also host a yearly conference for developers, DevPro.


Novedge: What are the fields of your expertise?

Rubius Team:    Our key fields of expertise include:

CAD/CAM — we integrate solutions for seamless design and production, work with geometry cores and APIs of the most common CAD systems.
VR/AR — we focus on the implementation of technologies in the industry, for instance, for design (CAD VR solutions). We design VR simulators and AR applications that can be used to demonstrate complex equipment and help reduce transportation costs in case of trade shows, AR instructions for shift inspections, etc.
Artificial Intelligence — we integrate a data centric approach in production, develop predictive analytics systems, and carry out R&D projects.  Our specialists took part in the creation of an OpenCV guide, while our car identification algorithm made it to the winning place in an international rating.


Novedge: Tell us more about your CAD, CAM, and BIM expertise.

Rubius Team:    Our main direction is customization and development of CAD and CAM systems. The first project Rubius worked on was the Rubius Electric Suite. It's a CAD system based on Autodesk AutoCAD for designing overhead electrical lines. We analyzed the market and understood that it takes too much time to design overhead electrical lines in AutoCAD. To create a simple support element, you need to assemble it using primitives. But this and other routine processes could be easily automated. This is why we developed the RES. Today, the RES is used by 150+ companies in Russia and Europe. Our team took part in the development of the geometry C3D core, and later - in the first C3D based CAD system, Esprit Extra CAD. Check out Esprit Extra CAD in the following video.

In 2013, DP Technology (Hexagon) created an R&D division consisting of Rubius specialists.  The team develops part of Esprit CAM, designs applications for selecting CNC machinery tooling. Over the last few years, we've been working with Altium on ECAD applications. Rubius also carries out projects for end customers, industrial companies. If there are too many routine tasks in internal processes, such as preparation of specifications or error fixing in a model, it's best to optimize them. Optimization can help save up to 70% of time for design engineers, reduce the number of errors on a model and significantly accelerate the design process.
Our portfolio has over 50 such cases, this is one of them.
As for large BIM projects, we have a web service for identification of collisions in models, an algorithm for analyzing BIM model cohesion for further building of a construction schedule, a service for estimating construction costs, etc.
Here's the specific example.
One of our coolest BIM projects is an innovative PDM system for building reconstruction. For a large gas and oil company, we designed a web point cloud based system for construction and assets control. The solution helps get an object's digital passport without any BIM design expenses. The object model is created in 4 steps:


  1. The structure is 3D scanned.
  2. The acquired point cloud is uploaded into the system and segmented.
  3. The segments are linked to the element tree by tags.
  4. The model is synced with estimates and schedules.
This model contains not only information about the exterior of the building, but also the complete documentation, including on-site photographs. Furthermore, it saves up to 60% of the design budget since a point cloud model is 3 times cheaper than BIM. All the information about the object is linked and accessible at any moment. This makes identification of geometry errors and plan deviations easier.


Novedge:  What about VR, AR and 3D. What are the most common projects you can help with?

Rubius Team:  In terms of VR/AR, we work with industrial digitization. We also help create digital copies of equipment and whole enterprises. One of the key directions of our development is VR simulators for emergency drills, equipment and fieldwork training.

For equipment manufacturers, we design AR instructions that make maintenance and repair easier, and create remote assistant solutions. See here and here.
We also work on the application of AR and VR in art.

Novedge: What kind of experts compose your team?

Rubius Team: There are 100+ engineers in our team, 10 of which are Ph.Ds. We also have dedicated specialists, including CAD developers, engineers, and industry experts. Our developers have Microsoft, Autodesk, Unity, and other certificates.

Novedge: What are the platforms you operate with?

Rubius Team:  In CAD/CAM development, we work with Autocad, Revit, Inventor, Forge, Navisworks, Solidworks, Siemens NX and other platforms. As for VR/AR solutions, we mainly use Unity, but sometimes Unigine as well.

Novedge: Who are your clients? 

Rubius Team:  We have customers from 190 countries, including MakerBot, Altium, Hexagon, DP Technology, Samsung, Panasonic, Okuma, Mitsubishi, Gazprom and Roskomsos, among others.
For over 16 years, we’ve worked with 300+ companies.

Novedge: Can a client be too big or too small to hire you for your services?

Rubius Team: We work both with small tech startups (helping them enter the market faster) and large companies.

Connect with our experts at 1-866- 362-8970 to explore EikoSim products and start bridging the gap between simulations and testing now!

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