6 Reason Why You Should Upgrade to Rhino 6!

There are at least 6 big reasons to upgrade to Rhinoceros 6. 

  1. Purchased Rhino licenses never expire, no matter how old.
  2. There are no subscription, maintenance, or support fees.
  3.  Rhino 6 license keys work for both Mac and Windows.
  4. Any older purchased Rhino for Mac or Windows license can be upgraded.
  5. There is no penalty if you waited to  upgrade.
  6. Support is always included, when you buy a commercial upgrade.

Hardware upgrade tips :

  • When upgrading your Windows hardware that runs Rhino, keep these things in mind: 
  • Older versions of Rhino don't work well on new hardware. Details here.
  • You'll also want to upgrade Rhino when you upgrade your hardware.  
  • Check out Rhino 6's system requirements, because they have changed.

Upgrade to Rhino 6 now!

Rhino 6 Upgrade

from any version

Rhino 6 for Win and Mac

V-Ray NEXT for Rhino