3D Laser-Based Measuring and Drawing with InnoDraw

December 09, 2021 4 min read

3D Laser-Based  Measuring and Drawing  with InnoDraw

Novedge : What is InnoDraw?.

Daniel Strauss:   InnoDraw is the developer of the world’s leading software for 3D laser-based  measuring and drawing for the Construction, Architecture, Interior design, Home Improvement, Flooring  and Real-Estate Industries.

Novedge:  Can you tell us a little bit about InnoDraw's history?

Daniel Strauss: We started our activity with our previous company, MeasureComp, based on our CEO’s patent for optimization of flooring layout. We sold the company to Home Depot for $45m. Sometime later, we started developing InnoDraw – a measuring and automatic drawing solution for the construction and architecture industries. InnoDraw has now become a global leader of cloud & Laser-Based Digital Laser-Based Digital Measuring and Automatic Drawing solutions, with more than 300,000 successful measuring assignments already done in 5 countries.

Novedge: Tell us a little bit about how InnoDraw works.

Daniel Strauss:   InnoDraw uses a laser device which communicates wirelessly with the software. The measuring technician is shooting the laser beam into randomly selected 2 points on each wall and, 2 corner point on each window or door and one beam to each accessory, e.g. electrical socket, water point, air conditions, etc.  During the measurement, InnoDraw creates the drawing automatically, following the technician’s progress. When the technician completed his job, the complete, detailed, accurate, 2D and 3D drawings is ready - right at the job site ! The program also helps the technician to verify his accuracy and correct any mistake, so he will send a 100% accurate drawing. The technician can send the drawing through the InnoDraw server, directly to the designer, engineer or project manager. The InnoDraw cloud-based server also translates the drawing, automatically, to the designer’s CAD format ! This take just a split of a second. The designer can start his design work immediately after the measuring job was completed at the job site! He does not need to spend extra time in drawing. He has received his/her drawing ready for design from the InnoDraw cloud-based server. InnoDraw eliminates the extra drawing work at the office as well as eliminates human errors. It increases efficiency and enables great savings.

Novedge: Can you list some of InnoDraw's best features?

Daniel Strauss:   Here just some of our customers' favorite features:

  • Measuring with InnoDraw is very simple: Just hitting with the laser ANY 2 point s on the walls.
  • The program verify the drawing accuracy and help the technician to correct any mistake or inaccuracy.
  • InnoDraw completes the whole drawing automatically – in the job site, eliminating extra work and errors in the office.
  • InnoDraw translates the drawings – automatically - to the customer’s CAD format !
  • InnoDraw is compatible with the world’s top CAD programs, including 2020, ProKitchen, CabinetVision, AutoCAD and more!  We are a 2020  partner!

Novedge: Are these the features that set Innodraw apart from other measuring solutions?

Daniel Strauss:  For sure, but we think what really sets us apart form other measuring solutions are also the following set of features:

  •  InnoDraw completes 2D and 3D drawings at the job site, including elevations.
  • Eliminates extra drawing work (and therefore – human errors) in the office.
  • Accuracy to 1/16”.
  • Built-in accuracy verification function.
  • The program forces the measuring person to measure all the necessary dimensions, e.g. measuring room’s height before measuring windows.
  • Laser unit measures accurately any wall with the exact angles!
  • Profiling any non-straight wall or cabinet for cabinets and countertops fabrication.
  • Translates drawings automatically to designer’s CAD program, e.g. 2020, ProKitchen,    CabinetVision, AutoCAD and more.
  • Special countertop program – sends drawing directly to CNC machines.
  • Automatic layers allocation. Layers are compatible with AutoCAD layers.
  • AS-MADE measuring and drawings for large construction projects.
  • InnoDraw software works with both tripod laser and hand-held small device, at the same time.
  • POD (Picture on Drawing) for both better VISIBILITY and MEASURE FROM PICTURE.
  • Seam Placement for flooring – based on InnoDraw CEO’s patent.
  • Customisation for any specific Home Improvement application.

Novedge:  What kind of businesses and professionals would benefit from using InnoDraw?

Daniel Strauss: 

  • Home improvement (kitchen, bath, bedroom, furniture, carpet, flooring etc.) dealers and interior designers for obtaining the digitized home plans, which are in turn imported to their CAD software for designing and manufacturing.
  • Architects.
  • Interior designers.
  • Property managers.
  • Insurance companies.
  • Remodeling companies.
  • Countertop/backsplash manufacturers/fabricators for obtaining the measurements to be fed into the CNC machines, which in turn manufacture the product accurately. 
  •  “AS-MADE” or “ AS-BUILT” measurements for constructions.
  • Real Estate companies which need accurate drawings of their properties ·       when they are selling them to new customers.
  • Property Management companies, which needs accurate drawing with  high level of details for the purpose of maintenance of their properties.

Novedge:  Can you talk about the business opportunity you are offering with InnoDraw?

Daniel Strauss:  InnoDraw is not just an excellent measuring solution but it could become a great business opportunity.

InnoDraw charge customers only “Per Usage”. Customers can buy pre-paid measurement packages, of X number of rooms or Y numbers of square feet to measure. This is the perfect set up for:

  1.  Searching, finding and appointing Service Providers.  Reselling the measurement packages to the Service Providers.      
  2.   Creating your own InnoDraw Service Provider business. Using the InnoDraw measurement packages to provide measuring service to end customers       
  3.   Reselling measurement packages directly to end customers InnoDraw provides Trading Platform by which end users can buy the Pre-Paid measuring packages. It also provides Resellers a platform to buy Pre-Paid packages from InnoDraw and Resell it to their customers. The Platforms can show the reseller, the current status of each of his customers.

     InnoDraw provides full on-line training and technical support.

Connect with our experts at 1-866- 362-8970 to explore InnoDraw solutions. 

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