TcpMDT PV 1.2 | Cómo trabajar con seguidores bifilas

July 08, 2024 1 min read

TcpMDT PV 1.2 | Cómo trabajar con seguidores bifilas

Video From YouTube: aplitop

Discover the capabilities of TcpMDT PV 1.2 in this informative video by aplitop. This new version introduces the ability to work with bifilar trackers, which are linked by a synchronization arm to ensure coordinated movement. Due to the unique characteristics of these trackers, two new constraints have been defined: maximum longitudinal slope difference and maximum elevation difference between the trackers. The software offers specialized tools to manage these parameters effectively, enhancing the precision and functionality of bifilar tracker operations. Learn how these new features can optimize your projects with ease and accuracy.

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