Rhino 7: Create expressive 2D Drawings with Gradient Hatch

December 20, 2022 1 min read

Rhino 7: Create expressive 2D Drawings with Gradient Hatch

Did you know that Rhino 7 can add gradient fills and transparency to your hatches? Check it out!

Use Rhino's Gradient and Transparent Hatches to create expressive 2D drawings. These beautiful Hatch styles allow illustrators, drafters, interior designers, architects, or anyone producing 2D drawings to create complex gradients and transparency with a few settings that are easy to understand, access, and manage from a single place.

You'll find different gradient fill styles common to most illustration applications, allowing to mix color variations and repeat values that create awesome illustrations.
Gradient fill styles can be applied to any hatch pattern. These gradient symbols visually enrich your 3D drawings and improve their legibility. in the color edit box, play with the alpha slider to add transparency to your grade and fills, which allows you to create blending shadow masks.

Using an enclosed boundary, you can set a hatch pattern including solids to use a number of gradient styles, such as linear or radial.
You can the add multiple color stops, play with falloff and location, as well as setting a transparency degree through the opacity slider for each color. 

By overlaying these new hatch styles, you can create beautiful illustrations directly in Rhino 7. Try it out!

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