What’s New in Autodesk Upchain 22.4

December 20, 2022 3 min read

What’s New in Autodesk Upchain 22.4

Autodesk announced the latest Upchain update, release 22.4, which includes several important enhancements. Fusion 360 Manage with Upchain customers will have immediate access to the new functionality. Watch the highlights video to see some of the new functionality in action and read on to learn more about what’s new.

Key features in the new Upchain 22.4 update include:

CAD Enhancements

  • Better support for Solidworks suppressed files - When importing data from Solidworks, users now have better support for suppressed files during data loading. Upchain can now read suppressed file mapped attributes on import, write mapped attributes to a suppressed file upon checkout, and have the option to create items for the suppressed file and add it to the engineering BOM structure. Please note that this function must be manually enabled in your administrative settings.
  • Better support for Solidworks derived parts - Upchain’s 22.4 release also adds better support for working with Solidworks derived parts. This includes support for multiple derived parts inserted in a single Solidworks file, multi-level derived parts (where a derived part is based on another derived part), derived parts with missing or broken references, and out of context derived parts which have a file reference not open in a current session.
  • Better support for Inventor derived parts - Similarly, Upchain 22.4 introduces more support for Inventor derived parts and assemblies uploaded into Upchain. By default they will be set as a phantom item. Suppressed derived parts will also be recognized, and the copy/clone functions will be available for any derived parts or assemblies.

Administrative Enhancements:

  • Picklist edit capabilities - For admins, 22.4 has introduced the ability to expose and add values to existing picklists as well as change their description, giving you better flexibility to tailor picklists to your needs.
  • Change request rejection - Also, tenant admins are now able to reject any change request workflow when it is at a decision primitive, task primitive, or object decision workflow step so change requests don’t get stuck in a workflow.
  • Quorum decision controls - Change request quorum decision controls have also been improved in 22.4 in order to avoid CRs getting stuck. This includes better controls around percentage to complete parameters and only accounting for active users in considering when the quorum decision is complete.

General Enhancements:

  • Change notices - For change notices, we have added the ability to see an item’s list of related change notices directly inside the plugin under the assignments section and access the correct CN on the web application through a hyperlink.
  • Change requests - 22.4 we have made it easier to see which CRs are open in child items, potentially preventing the release of a parent item. The system now generates a list of items and their other active CRs so you can quickly identify which could be preventing the release of the parent item.
  • Blank item naming control - In 22.4 we have also created a system generated notification if a user is trying to perform a save action that would result in saving a blank item name in order to prevent accidental blank item renames.
  • Easier copy and clone abilities - When it comes to using the copy and clone functions, in Upchain 22.4 we have reduced the number of clicks required when selecting and deselecting items by presenting select all, deselect all, select development, select released, select released external, and any other relevant status for the item you’re working on.
  • Project name tool tip - Finally, in 22.4 we have added the ability to see a project’s full name in a pop-up tool tip, making it easier to pick the right project the first time when the project name is long, while maintaining the user’s preferred interface layout.

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