The Secret To Renewing Your Complex Autodesk Licenses Portfolio

October 06, 2022 3 min read

The Secret To Renewing Your Complex Autodesk Licenses Portfolio

Renewing and adding licenses to your Autodesk portfolio can sometimes feel complex and overwhelming. Whether it is an AutoCAD pro-rated additional license, or a Revit upgrade to Collection, sometimes you could really use (free) qualified, and unbiased help.
Meet our very own Scott Hester, Autodesk Channel Manager at Novedge. Scott has over 15 years experience in successfully helping clients with all aspects of Autodesk products and services. Be it a BIM 360 license restructuring or a Civil 3D  co-terminating license Scott has the knowledge and experience to help you find the solution that best fits your needs. 

Let's begin with what satisfied customers are saying about Scott:

Always a pleasant experience when renewing. Scott Hester is the best. Been working with him for years.

by Dale Langley

I've been working with Novedge for several years. They have, and continue to be, consistently responsive, reliable, and quick.

by David Slusser

It's like having your very own license manager that keeps track of your current subscription renewal dates, offers advice on upgrades or money-saving options, etc. Our experience has always been great.

by Michael Gentille

Our Rep at Novedge beats Autodesk's own annoying and useless Sales Rep. Scott had been upmost professional and methodical with presenting our yearly renewals, which is very helpful, as we have quite a bit of seats assigned for our Team.

by Duc Tranhiep

The way of purchasing CAD Software is constantly evolving. How crucial is your role in making sure customers are getting exactly what they want, without time consuming and costly mistakes?

A good chunk of my time is spent explaining the ins and outs of Autodesk licensing to clients, particularly the change over from Perpetual Licenses to Subscriptions. What I focus on, is safely moving customers to subscriptions, leveraging their maintenance contracts and making sure they get immediate access to the products they need without wasting precious time.

What are the biggest challenges when renewing a complex CAD portfolio?

One of the biggest headaches for our clients is managing multiple licenses with various expiration dates. This is where I can step in and make sure all the licenses in the client's portfolio expire on the same day. A big part of what I do is sorting out the various renewal paths for the customers, way before it's time to renew. When the deadline approaches, I share the information with them, and we can proceed with the renewal or make changes if necessary.

What are the most common requests you get from customers trying to renew?

Since we accept all sorts of payments, I get a lot of inquiries about what it takes to qualify for Terms or to set up payments in installments. We are very flexible with payment solutions.

Can you advise and assist people that would like to transition to new or different programs from the ones they use?

If we are staying within the same ecosystem, Autodesk for instance, the only way to transition from one product to another is by waiting until a Subscription expires and replacing it with a new one of the desired program. There are no longer trade-ins, upgrades, or crossgrades. If a client decides to move to a different CAD solution among the ones offered in our catalog, I will be happy to assist as well, setting up the new licenses and advice on where to find training and resources.

What is the secret in helping large Firms get their software up, running and never running out ?

To get people up and running I help them create an Autodesk account, access all their available software, download and install. As far as Subscriptions running out, I contact my clients 90 days, 30 days, within a week and with 2-3 days of their expiration dates and make sure they are aware of the time they have left to keep current. I stay on top of it so my clients don't have to.

Single customers run into problems too when trying to renew their licenses or consolidate. What is their biggest complaint and when can you help?

Consolidating licenses requires that we wait till something expires then replace it with a prorated new Subscription that is added to an existing contract. The issue here is that new licensing is about 20% more expensive than renewals, and once that is explained to the client, 80% of them opt to stay on their existing expiration schedules.

What is the best way to contact you? 

If you are interested in knowing more about what we can do to help you with your upcoming Autodesk subscriptions renewals, you can email me, or talk to me by calling 866-362-8970 ext. 705.

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