Exploring VDB-Implicit Lattice Geometries Using Intact.Simulation for Effective Design Solutions

October 27, 2023 2 min read

Exploring VDB-Implicit Lattice Geometries Using Intact.Simulation for Effective Design Solutions

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As design and manufacturing industries continue to evolve towards more efficient and optimized processes, the importance of advanced simulation software cannot be overstated. Intact.Simulation, developed by Intact Solutions, Inc., is one such tool, offering a robust platform for simulating and analyzing different assembly representations, including VDB (Volumetric Dynamic B+ tree) implicits, without the need for meshing or preprocessing. 

Understanding VDB-Implicits

VDB is a sparse data structure known for its speed and low memory footprint. It allocates memory sparsely, only around the boundary of an implicit function, making it efficient for defining and manipulating implicit functions. 

The Challenge of Comparing Lattice Performance

Lattice and infill structures are frequently utilized by designers to manufacture lightweight and high-efficiency parts. However, selecting the optimal lattice for a specific application can be a complex process due to the wide variety of lattice types available, including cellular structures, honeycombs, and foams.

Conventionally, this selection process relies heavily on meshing – the act of converting a geometry into a boundary-conforming mesh. While this is a relatively fast process for simple CAD geometries, it can be time-consuming and challenging for complex geometries like latticed parts. Further, traditional meshing tools often struggle to work effectively with implicit geometries, including VDB-implicits.

Intact.Simulation: A Solution for Lattice Comparison

Intact.Simulation leverages Intact’s Immersed Method of Moments (IMM), a meshfree technology that can work with virtually any type of geometric representation, including surface meshes, voxels, g-code, scan data, and of course, implicit geometries. This allows users to simply plug-and-play different lattice types without the need for extensive meshing.

Intact.Simulation enables users to perform rapid trade-off studies, quickly simulating and comparing different types of lattices. For instance, users can apply a consistent force to different lattice geometries and compare the maximum stress and displacement each can withstand. Doing so can provide valuable insights into the lattice type best suited for a specific application.


In summary, Intact.Simulation offers a versatile and efficient solution for analyzing the properties of VDB-implicit lattice geometries. This tool empowers designers to explore different lattice structures, perform rapid simulations, and ultimately, select the lattice type best tailored to their specific needs.

While in-depth simulation capabilities are now more accessible than ever, it is equally important to utilize the right design software to effectively create and manipulate complex geometries. Leveraging advanced software such as Autodesk, Rhino 3D, and Maxon can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your design process.

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