Exploring the New Features in DraftSight 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

October 27, 2023 2 min read

Exploring the New Features in DraftSight 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

DraftSight 2023, the latest release from Dassault Systèmes, brings with it remarkable improvements designed to boost productivity and streamline workflows. This comprehensive guide will take you through the top features and enhancements that make this the most advanced version yet.


Page Layout Manager

One of the standout features in DraftSight 2023 is the Page Layout Manager. It is designed to save you significant time when setting up your print or plot settings. Unlike previous versions where you had to create and manage an external print configuration file, DraftSight 2023 allows you to save all your print or plot parameters in a named setup within your drawing or template file.

Annotation Monitor 

Another innovative feature is the Annotation Monitor. In previous versions, dimensions that lost their association with their entities could result in discrepancies in your design. The Annotation Monitor in DraftSight 2023 addresses this by displaying a yellow warning icon next to any disassociated dimensions when enabled.

Contextual Ribbon Tab

DraftSight 2023 introduces Contextual Ribbons, making it easier to access the commands you need for your current workflow. Instead of navigating through dialog boxes, the Ribbon displays an active tab that is appropriate for your current task.

HomeByMe Improvements

The DraftSight and HomeByMe integration has been enhanced for a more seamless and intuitive user experience. The underlying program architecture has been entirely revamped, providing users with comprehensive functionality.

Cycling Selection

Selecting the correct entity when multiple items overlap or are closely located can be challenging. DraftSight 2023 presents a solution with the new Cycling Selection feature, which simplifies the selection process in such situations.

Data Extraction Wizard 

DraftSight 2023 introduces a new Data Extraction Wizard, allowing you to dig deeper into your drawing files to collect critical data. The EXTRACTDATA command can be found in the Tables panel of the Annotate tab in the Ribbon Menu or typed into the Command Window.

Feature Comparison

DraftSight 2023 also offers a range of packages designed to cater to different users' needs. All packages provide essential tools for drawing, modifying, layering, and printing. The Premium and Enterprise editions offer additional features like 3D tools, 2D constraints, interoperability tools, and LISP automation. No matter your design needs, DraftSight 2023 provides a robust set of tools to improve your productivity and streamline your design process. In conclusion, DraftSight 2023 offers innovative features and significant enhancements to cater to the diverse needs of design professionals. These features are designed to improve productivity, streamline processes, and ensure accuracy.

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