Chaos, Maker of V-Ray and Enscape, Reveals Transformative Visualization Technologies and Product Innovations for 2024

March 06, 2024 3 min read

Chaos, Maker of V-Ray and Enscape, Reveals Transformative Visualization Technologies and Product Innovations for 2024

Chaos Unboxed Live Reveals Transformative Visualization Technologies and Product Innovations for 2024

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement, the realm of visualization stands at the cusp of a transformative era, and Chaos stands poised to lead this creative charge. The recent Chaos Unboxed Live event, hosted by CEO Christian Lang, was a clarion call to all visionaries and creatives, offering a glimpse into the future of visualization tools and the groundbreaking product innovations set to arrive in 2024.

The Future of Chaos: Principles Guiding Product Development

Chaos is propelled by a trio of fundamental principles set to shape their product development strategy. First, the acceleration of creativity through AI-powered, user-friendly tools aims to enhance user capabilities without overshadowing the innate creative spark that designers bring to the table.

Next, the focus on delivering fully interconnected solutions spotlights the importance of a seamless workflow, ensuring that creative work transitions smoothly across various stages and tools without the need for constant rework.

Lastly, the commitment to being available everywhere emphasizes the critical need for accessibility, regardless of the platform—be it desktops, browsers, mobile devices, or virtual reality environments—empowering users to engage with their audience in any context.

What 2024 Has in Store: Product Innovations and Enhancements

Chaos is pushing the boundaries across its suite of products, including Enscape, V-Ray, Corona, Vantage, Cylindo, and Cosmos, while also hinting at exciting new offerings on the horizon.

Enscape's New Horizons

With the addition of a building performance module, Enscape is set to revolutionize the architectural design process in 2024. Envision the ability to assess a building's energy efficiency in real-time as you design. This leap forward is not only a boon for sustainable design but also for facilitating a more integrated workflow that marries BIM models with performance analysis and visualization.

Enscape's evolution doesn't stop there. The product will also enhance its rendering capabilities to produce stylized visuals akin to hand-drawn sketches and introduce GPU and mobile viewing options, catering to the increasing demands of modern architects and designers.

V-Ray: Expanding Realms

The flagship photorealistic rendering solution, V-Ray, is branching out to embrace the Blender community, addressing a long-standing request for compatibility. Alongside this, V-Ray is set to receive significant enhancements designed to foster compatibility and accessibility, ensuring that creatives can work seamlessly across various platforms and tools.

A New Storytelling Platform

The announcement of an independent platform dedicated to rapid architectural visualization storytelling heralds a new era for architects and visualization specialists. This powerful tool will enable users to weave together design narratives with ease, complete with detailed animations and dynamic crowds and traffic simulations.

Cosmos and AI-Driven Material Creation

Chaos Cosmos will soon benefit from AI-driven material creation, allowing designers to articulate their material needs via chat and tailor the results to their specific project requirements.

Revolutionizing Client Collaboration

A new platform is in the works to transform design collaboration, enabling real-time 3D reviews and seamless collaboration across teams and clients, irrespective of their location or device.

The Chaos AI Lab Initiative

With the Chaos AI Lab, Chaos is exploring the intersection of AI and creativity, ensuring that the human element remains at the heart of the creative process while leveraging AI to expand the possibilities.

Engage with Chaos Unboxed Throughout 2024

To witness the excitement and delve deeper into the Chaos Unboxed Live announcements, viewers are encouraged to watch the keynote. This event is merely the beginning of a series that will unfold throughout the year, with more events slated in cities such as Berlin, Toronto, New York, London, Dubai, and Paris.


The Chaos Unboxed Live event has laid bare the trajectory of visualization technology, showcasing how tomorrow's tools will shape the ways we create, collaborate, and connect. For professionals and enthusiasts eager to stay at the forefront of these developments, NOVEDGE stands as a beacon, offering the latest and most advanced design software technology. For more information about the tools and innovations discussed, and to explore a comprehensive suite of compatible products like Autodesk, PTC, and others, reach out to our sales team at NOVEDGE for unparalleled insight and support in your creative endeavors.

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