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AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2020 - Single-User Subscription

A simpler and more affordable version of the powerful Autodesk Inventor software for mechanical design and engineering.

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AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2020 Subscription software allows you to adopt 3D mechanical part design-at the pace that's right for you. When you design using 3D models of parts, you can increase your productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and improve communication with customers and partners. You'll be able to compete more effectively as you move towards Digital Prototyping.
Autodesk Inventor LT is also sold as part of the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2020, which includes AutoCAD LT software. By turning to Inventor LT, you get many of the capabilities found in Autodesk Inventor software, including part-level 3D modeling, multi-CAD translation, and automated DWG drawing views. Interoperability with AutoCAD LT lets you continue to work with real DWG data.


Model-based Definition
Use 3D annotations to add manufacturing information to the model with integrated geometric dimensioning and tolerances. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) annotations on the 3D model describe the tolerances, controls, and allowable variation in the model. The term Model-Based Definition (MBD) refers to a fully defined 3D model.
Free-form Tools
Create visually compelling designs using flexible modeling techniques. Freeform tools provide an alternate modeling approach to explore and create freeform shaped models using direct manipulation. You can create an open sheet body using the Plane or Face commands. You can also use the Face command to close gaps. There are multiple tools provided to edit the form, join multiple bodies, and match to existing geometry.
Direct Edit
Easy push/pull controls enable you to quickly move, rotate, resize, or scale features from native or imported geometry. Use Direct Edit when you want to quickly modify a complex model which you may not have created originally, modify imported base parts while preserving the original model or rapidly explore design alternatives.
3D CAD Data Import/Export
Improve collaboration workflows with interoperability in multiCAD environments. Import CATIA, Solidworks, Pro-E/Creo, NX, JT, Alias, STEP, IGES, Rhino, SAT, Parasolid Binary files.
DWG Interoperability
Insert associative DWG geometry, manage layer visibility, and create 3D models of 2D layouts. To make the process more efficient, you can save a group of settings as a configuration, and use the configuration to set the translation options automatically. You can save as many configurations as needed.
Parametric Modeling
Intuitively model parts using parametric modeling tools in AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite 2020. Create simple and complex parts quickly. Visualize and verify your part designs in 3D to avoid costly errors before building expensive physical prototypes.
Export your models to 3D PDF for a great collaborative experience. 3D PDF files are viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use 3D navigation tools to manipulate with the model views. Display the Model Tree to display model components and data included in the 3D PDF file.
Additive Manufacturing
Use the 3D Print Environment for additive manufacturing. Models can be printed whole or in-part based on the 3D printer in use.

How to Use AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite

In this nine part series, Autodesk Industry Solution Evangelist Rob Cohee explains how users can utilize Digital Prototyping functionality to dramatically improve 2D Drafting output.

Part 1: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Increase Your 2D Drafting Productivity

Part 2: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Smart Sketching with 2D Constraints

Part 3: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Making Configurations with iPart

Part 4: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Documenting Configurations with Tables

Part 5: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Creating Multi-Sheet Drawings

Part 6: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Create Renderings with Inventor Studio

Part 7: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - BIM Ready Content from Inventor LT

Part 8: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Working with SolidWorks & Catia Parts

Part 9: AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - Working with Pro/E Parts

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Project mgr

I installed this on a notebook 1st and it worked fine, sometimes slow but I expected that. It is a totally different way to draw and I am still working at the basics. I then install on a AMD 8 core desktop and could not get it to even open. I received no help from novedge or Autodesk, who kept referring me back to the dealer.