Interview with Mark Perrett, Founder of Tips for Architecture School: “Take what you have learned from one genre and apply it to everything else you do in life”

by novedge January 22, 2013 0 min read

I discovered Tips for Architecture School, while looking for great blogs to follow on Tumblr. Mark Perrett has built a great resource for anyone currently studying architecture or planning to do so. His blog is also a useful reminder of what it means to start on this path and how much things have changed. Here's […]
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Interview with Important Looking Pirates (ILP), VFX for Academy Awards Nominated Film Kon-Tiki

by novedge January 18, 2013 0 min read

We are excited to feature our interview with ILP today on our blog, a vfx firm from Sweden who has worked on many projects, from commercials to video games, and is now expanding to movies. Niklas Jacobson, the co founder of the company, answered our questions.   Novedge: Tell us about yourself and Important Looking […]
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Novedge RealFlow Webinar: Q&A with Gustavo Sanchez

by novedge January 16, 2013 0 min read

Did you enjoy last week's webinar on RealFlow? We ran out of time to answer all your questions, so the team behind RealFlow answered all the remaining questions by email. Q: Will there be a plugin for Luxology modo 601? Or will it be Alembic interchange? A: We will be using Alembic as the interchange […]
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Interview with the Afinia Team: Aaron Pratt

by novedge January 15, 2013 0 min read

Novedge: Tell us about yourself and what you do Aaron Pratt: I’m Afinia’s Vice President of Marketing. In my personal life, I’m a husband and a father of seven, and I love playing the piano and reading.    Afinia is the new business division of Microboards Technology, which has been developing robotics and printers in […]
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Interview with Joseph Drust, Character Artist: “By far Zbrush is the tool that has changed how I work the most”

by novedge January 11, 2013 0 min read

If you are a ZBrush user, you have probably already heard Joseph Drust and his video tutorials. He is not only a wonderful artist, but also a great teacher. We asked him to share a little about his work and his passion for character design. Novedge: Tell us about yourself and what you do   […]
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Novedge Clayoo Webinar: Q&A with Rafael Del Molino

by novedge January 09, 2013 0 min read

Our 61st webinar on Clayoo was so engaging, we simply ran out of time during the Q&A. Rafael Del Molino of TDM Solutions agreed to answer what he didn't get to reply to last month. Q: Assume that I have a model already created in Clayoo and then the engineering group has a change in […]
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Interview with Dario Scapitta: Jewelry Design and 3D Printing

by novedge January 08, 2013 0 min read

The moment we saw Dario Scapitta‘s work online, we fell in love with his designs. What really caught our attention, though, is his use of 3D printing technology to manufacture jewelry. We asked him to share a bit about his work and inspiration.   Novedge: Tell us about yourself and what you do. Dario Scapitta: I […]
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Cristiano Sacchi

by Franco Folini January 07, 2013 0 min read

Cristiano Sacchi has always been passionate about science, engineering and technology. In his quest to make complex technology accessible to the largest possible number of people, he co-founded Actify in 1997, followed by Novedge in 2003. At Novedge, he leads a team of dedicated professionals, going to great length to find complex design software products […]
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Aurora Meneghello

by Franco Folini January 07, 2013 0 min read

Aurora Meneghello is the Social Media and Marketing Manager at Novedge. She manages the Novedge brand, from its social media presence to its PR. She is passionate about building community and connecting with the talented creatives who use Novedge to find the right software for their projects.  When not working on an exciting project, Aurora […]
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Interview with François Lévy, Architect

by novedge January 04, 2013 0 min read

We had the pleasure of meeting François Lévy last November at the West Coast BIM Camp organized by Vectorworks and which Novedge co sponsored in San Francisco. François is not only a talented architect, but he also wrote BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design, our December Book of the Month. We asked him to tell us a […]
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President and CoFounder of Novedge, Franco Folini, Talks with DataManager TV (Italian only)

by novedge January 03, 2013 0 min read

Franco Folini, President and CoFounder of Novedge, was recently interviewed by the DataManager TV, an Italian online magazine that focuses on ICT news. The interview is in Italian. You can read the article here.
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From our CEO Cristiano Sacchi: New Year, Same Wish

by novedge December 31, 2012 0 min read

We asked Cristiano Sacchi, our co founder and CEO, to share some thoughts for the end of the year. Cristiano loves to look ahead and decided to write about a wish he has had for many many years… "Another year has gone by and for the design community it was a very interesting one indeed. […]
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The 2012/13 Winter Contest: This Winter, Novedge is Giving Back to You

by novedge December 20, 2012 0 min read

At Novedge, we believe in innovation. We love to find out about a new project, to discover the latest software, and to hear from the people who tirelessly work behind the scenes to create what becomes our world. That's why this year we decided to celebrate high school students who are embarking on a life […]
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We are looking for a Social Media Intern (San Francisco)

by novedge December 18, 2012 0 min read

Novedge is looking for a Social Media Intern to join our in-house Marketing and Social Media Team. This is a great position for someone who loves finding out about the latest tech trends in design and who wants to experience working at a small established company with a start up feel in San Francisco. We […]
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Autodesk Smoke 2013 has Arrived!

by novedge December 17, 2012 0 min read

We are so excited to announce that Autodesk Smoke 2013 is finally here. Autodesk Smoke 2013 is an amazing tool for editors. It is built to do much more than just edit, it combines non linear editing and effects in one platform. No need to spend time exporting files and moving data from different programs. […]
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Race to Advanced Support on Autodesk Suites with this Free Upgrade.

by novedge December 04, 2012 0 min read

I am proud to announce that Novedge is offering a very special deal on many Autodesk Suites. You can see the full list here. From now until the end of January, when you buy a full suite with maintenance, we will give you a free subscription to Autodesk's Advanced Support. This upgrade will give you […]
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Novedge Partners with RhinoParametrics

by novedge December 03, 2012 0 min read

We are proud to announce our partnership with RhinoParametrics, the 100% native plug-in fully integrated in Rhino. Novedge is the only reseller of RhinoParametrics in the United States. RhinoParametrics also announced the release of its new version with enhanced parametric and associative large assembly behaviors. User friendliness and ergonomics have achieved an extreme level, allowing […]
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Rhino 5 Has Arrived!

by novedge November 26, 2012 0 min read

The wait is over: McNeel today announced the release of Rhino 5. If you are working in Beta, you should have already received an email from McNeel letting you know when your current version expires. Secure your new license right away from Novedge. If you are buying a commercial license, you can save when buying […]
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Novedge at the San Francisco Autodesk Gallery

by novedge November 19, 2012 0 min read

Yesterday we had the pleasure of taking a tour of the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco, with Jeff Farr, Autodesk Senior Partner Manager.  So much of what we use and interact with has been designed with CAD software and often with an Autodesk software.  We saw samples of designs from different applications, from architecture, to […]
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Q&A with Mihai Iliuta: Studio Lighting Techniques Using Maxwell Render

by novedge November 14, 2012 0 min read

Last week's webinar on Maxwell Render was a great success! Thank you to all who attended the session live. So many of you had questions, that even going over our usual one hour limit wasn't enough. Mihai Iliuta kindly agreed to answer all the remaining questions on our blog. Q: If I stopped a rendering, […]
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No, It Will Not Make Tea

by novedge October 24, 2012 0 min read

If you have been spending time on Planet Earth during the last year or so you must have heard that we now have 3D Printing that will soon and forever change the way we live. If you read the articles on the mainstream media you will probably think we have just invented the Star Trek […]
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How to Choose the Best Autodesk Educational Product for You

by novedge October 15, 2012 0 min read

With the recent product line reorganization, there are now more than five hundred different Autodesk products available for the educational market – from individual titles to full suites. If you are a student or a teacher, it can feel confusing and overwhelming to choose the best option for your school or program's needs. At least […]
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How Not to Buy Illegal Licenses of AutoCAD: One User’s Experience

by Franco Folini March 11, 2010 0 min read

AutoCAD is a very popular product and, like every other popular product out there, it can attract the attention of some less than honest people. The typical place where the cons operate is on the Internet. Using very sophisticated tools and techniques, it can become difficult for the end user to tell if a license is from a legitimate company or organization […]
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Interview with Andrea Carignano, seac02 CEO

by Franco Folini November 29, 2009 0 min read

Italy is a country famous for several reasons. Among them: artistic and historical monuments, great food, fashion, music, and sport cars. Software and technology are seldom added to the list. So when you happen to meet the CEO of a successful Italian software company, the first reaction is always some sort of surprise: "Software?" If the […]
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John Helm Reviews Vectorworks 2010

by Franco Folini November 24, 2009 0 min read

I'm proud to host on the Novedge blog a product review of Vectorworks 2010 written by John Helm of Helm & Melacini Architects. John is an architect who splits his professional time between the warm beaches of Southern California and the beautiful mountains of Northern Italy. John does a great job  going through the new features and […]
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Interview with Alex Antich, TechJewel CEO

by Franco Folini November 09, 2009 0 min read

Rhino is a very flexible application and is gradually penetrating different professional areas, from industrial design, to architecture, and jewelry design. Each specific area can greatly benefit from Rhino's features but requires specific commands and libraries that are usually not provided by Robert McNeel and Associates. What McNeel provides is a powerful software platform on […]
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Interview with Mark Vorwaller, VX CAD/CAM CEO

by Franco Folini October 12, 2009 0 min read

There is a CAD company that has been around for many years that makes a fully integrated CAD/CAM system offering a powerful combination of solid modeling and surface modeling few others can match, with a devoted following of loyal customers. Yet only a few users of CAD will mention this company's product in the list […]
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Interview with Rafael del Molino, TDM Solutions CEO (RhinoGold)

by Franco Folini September 25, 2009 0 min read

Something must be right for jewelry design in Spain. Not only are several jewelry designers active in Spain, but Spain is also the source of some of the best and most popular software tools for jewelry design. Among those tools RhinoGold stands out as a reference point, setting standards both for features and customer support. The manufacturer […]
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Interview with Craig Dennis, TransMagic CTO

by Franco Folini September 09, 2009 0 min read

Data translation is a critical technology and can be the source of many frustrations. As with many other important technologies, the better it works, the less visible it becomes. When we move a file from an external CAD system to our favorite design system, we are asking a complex algorithm to extract geometric data from […]
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Interview with Ellen Finkelstein, AutoCAD Author

by Franco Folini August 24, 2009 0 min read

The AutoCAD users' community stands on a few pillars, one of which is the "AutoCAD Bible", published by Wiley and refreshed every year in accordance to the new version of the AutoDesk product. The author of this important and popular book is Ellen Finkelstein, an AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT expert who also publishes a very popular weekly […]
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Interview with Jonathan Pickup, Vectorworks Guru and Trainer

by Franco Folini August 17, 2009 0 min read

Every CAD system has its own group of fans and gurus. The excitement of CAD fans for their favorite design system doesn't stop in front of obstacles or barriers. Vectorworks fans are no exception. Among them the most knowledgeable and active is certainly Jonathan Pickup (website, blog, twitter). Despite living in the green land of […]
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Alibre CEO Paul Grayson Discusses the New Pricing Structure

by Franco Folini August 13, 2009 0 min read

The recent decision by Alibre to drop the price of their entry level product Alibre Design Standard from $999 to only $99 generated a wave of reaction throughout the CAD world (see the blog posts by Deelip Menezes, Roopinder Tara, Matt Lombard, and Ralph Grabowski). The decision caught everyone by surprise. Even at a time […]
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