Specials and New Releases – October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 5 min read

This is the last week for the Autodesk LEGACY Trade-in Offer. You have few more days to search your storerooms, attics and old desk drawers and turn in old licenses ( going all the way back to 1998, R14). Autodesk is offering over 50% off the cost of a 3-Year Subscriptions (rentals). We will be very happy to check for you on the status of your old licenses , give us a call at (866) 362-8970 x705 or email adskpromo@novedge.comTrade-in PromoThe trade in works towards any of Autodesk's single seat licenses like AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Inventor Professional, Revit, Maya and many more. You can also trade in towards any of the Industry Collections, Architecture Engineering & Construction(includes Revit and AutoCAD); Product Design (includes Inventor Professional and Fusion 360), or Media and Entertainment(includes Maya and 3ds Max). Even old LT seats are eligible to be traded in for discounted Subscriptions of the latest LT Group offerings like AutoCAD LT, Maya LT and the AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite. For more information and full eligible product list is available online in the Promo FAQsDon't wait too long this offer expires on October 21st!


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Maxwell Render v4

MaxwellRender v4Maxell Render v4 is here. Check out the types of licenses available in this latest version: Maxwell Render for 3dsMax, Maxwell Render for CINEMA4D, Maxwell Render for MODO, Maxwell Render for formZ, Maxwell Render for SOLIDWORKS, Maxwell Render for ArchiCAD and Maxwell Render Studio.

Boris Continuum Complete for OFX

Boris Continuum Complete for OFXdelivers over 175 filters, giving editors the most comprehensive VFX and compositing plug-in suite ever created. The collection includes 3D Objects such as Extruded Text, 3D particle effects, image restoration tools, lens flares and other dazzling light effects, keying and motion tracking tools, realistic in-camera effects, a full suite of color correction tools, warp and perspective effects, and blurs, glows, and cinematic effects.


To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here. 

ZBrush 4R8 coming soon

SP708Purchase ZBrush 4R7 today and get a free upgrade to ZBrush 4R8 when it's released!

MODO 10.2 Launch Promo

MODO 10.2The third and final installment of the MODO 10 Series, MODO 10.2, has been released and it makes MODO an unmatched toolset for asset creation. For a limited time, buy a new seat of MODO 10.2and receive a 40% discount! Purchase MODO 10.2 Extended Bundlesand save 25% off regular prices. Purchase MODO 10.2 Upgradesand save 20%.

Maxwellzone Training for Maxwell Render 4 Promo

Save $74 when you purchase Basics & Beyond— Video Tutorial Series for Maxwell Render. Get a taste of what this course will provide by watching our recent Novedge Webinar with Maxwellzone's trainer extraordinaire Mihai Iliuta.


To see a complete list of new and current specials, including all Autodesk promotions, click here.

Add Fluid Dynamics to Your V-Ray Renders

V-ray rendersPhoenix FD 3 for 3ds Max is now available! The latest version is packed with new features. With an improved fire and smoke solver and powerful liquid FLIP solver, you can simulate realistic fire, smoke, liquids, ocean waves, splashes, spray, and mist faster than ever before. For a limited time, save up to 39% when you purchase new licenses or upgrades of V-Ray 3.4 for 3ds Max bundled with Phoenix FD 3.0.

Get V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino with Free Upgrade to v.3.0

V-Ray 3.0 for Rhino pre-release salePurchase now V-Ray 2.0 for Rhino and receive a free upgrade to version 3.0 when it releases!This free upgrade includes one workstation license plus one render node. We couldn't be more excited for this new release, get a sneak peek at V-ray 3.0 for Rhino on our Novedge Webinar. 

Bluebeam Revu eXtreme Upgrade Promo

SP702Upgrade now to Revu 2016 for the price of Revu Standard and discover all the time-saving features and benefits that Revu 2016 eXtreme has to offer! This promotioncan be used for customers that do not already have Revu 2016 eXtreme regardless of how old their license is or which edition they are on.

VRAY for C4D Early Bird Promo

V-ray for C4DCheck the dates and save!If you purchased VRAYforC4D:

—before May 2013: you'll get the special price of $365 instead of $425, with 10 rendernodes and the service fee for 2017
—between May 2013 and August 2015: you'll get the Early Bird price of $115, with 5 rendernodes and no service fee.

If you purchased after August 2015, you'll receive the upgrade for free. Call (866) 362-8970 or email calvin@novedge.com to take advantage of this promo. 


CGS Revit Tools with 3D PDF Converter for Revit

CGS Revit ToolsSave BIG on BIM enhancement tools.This BIM bundlefully integrates with Revit 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

Vectorworks Service Select Renewal

Vectorworks Service Selectprovides you with invaluable additional benefits like free upgrades, free premium support, free training and free online access to a knowledge web-portal. If you purchased Vectorworks Service Select prior to version 2014, call (866) 362-8970 x704 for a better price.  

 Tetra4D Enrich Trade-in New Pricing

  Tetra4d EnrichCustomers who already own Tetra4D Converter can receive a discount on their Tetra4D Enrich purchase by trading in their existing Tetra4D Converter license. 

iSymbol Bundle Promo 

SP700iSymbol develops illustrated CAD symbols for vibrant garden and interior plans and outline material for Vectorworks, AutoCAD and Photoshop presentations. Purchase the complete iSymbol bundles now at the discounted promo price!


Wednesday Webinar: The Best Bits from Vectorworks 2017
10-19Vectorworks 2017has some new technologies: Resource Manager: Camera Match; Structural Member Objects; Irrigation Tools; Virtual Reality. And there are some technologies that were introduced in Vectorworks 2016 that have been improved: Subdivision Modeling; Project Sharing; Vectorworks Graphics Module. We do not have time to go through every change that has been made in Vectorworks 2017, so we will be focusing on the most important and productive of these changes. We will be looking at the important changes to Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks Landmark, and 3D modelling. The Resource Manager may look like a replacement for the Resource Browser. But it`s much more important than that, and it has been implemented in many areas of Vectorworks, which means we will have to look at this in detail. It also makes it easier to find resources from your computer and from online sources.

The webinar is free and will last about one hour, including the Q & A session.

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Barbara D'Aloisio

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