An Interview with Paul Babb, CEO of Maxon (Cinema 4D)

by Franco Folini May 07, 2007 5 min read

Paul Babb is the CEO of MAXON US, the company that makes the famous Cinema 4D modeling, rendering, and animation products. Based on my experience I can say that every company and product has its own personality. Whenever I have the opportunity to talk with a Cinema 4D user about their experience with the product, […]
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Novedge is Looking for a European Intern

by Franco Folini May 02, 2007 1 min read

Novedge is the largest online store for CAD, CAM, and 3D graphics software. We are offering a seasonal unpaid internship in our friendly environment this summer (flexible – about 2 or 3 months, between June and September). We are looking for a college student or recent graduate from Europe. The intern should come from a […]
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Is Google Fair?

by Franco Folini May 01, 2007 2 min read

Let’s start with the facts. A few days ago I was working at the data feed for a Google service called Google Base, previously known as Froogle. It’s an online service that allows sellers to upload a list of products with price and description and lets users search online for products to compare prices, shipping […]
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An Interview with Giuseppe Massoni, Jewelry Designer and Rhino 3D Guru

by Franco Folini April 27, 2007 5 min read

Giuseppe Massoni is a jewelry designer and a Rhino 3D guru. He is a Tech Support Specialist as well as a Rhino Training Specialist for Robert McNeel & Associates (McNeel Europe), and is also in charge for the Italian Rhino Newsgroup. Giuseppe is a well-known and highly respected member of the Rhino community. He is […]
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The Next CAD Revolution Starts Today

by Franco Folini April 23, 2007 3 min read

Parametric modeling, also known as feature based modeling, was brought to the CAD market in the middle of the 80's by PTC with Pro/Engineer. In a time when all 3D modeling was explicit (no parameters, no geometric relationships, no constraints), Pro/E was a revolutionary system. After a few attempts to defend the old non-parametric mode, […]
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An Interview with Greg Milliken, CEO of Alibre

by Franco Folini April 18, 2007 7 min read

Greg Milliken is the CEO of Alibre. Greg is one of a kind — he has an impressive track record of success as an entrepreneur and executive in the CAD and 3D world. Greg can look at ideas with an open-minded curiosity, never taking anything for granted.  He is a very busy guy — it […]
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An Interview with Doug Halliday, Business Development Manager at Adobe (Acrobat 3D)

by Franco Folini April 13, 2007 7 min read

Doug Halliday is the Business Development Manager specializing in manufacturing at Adobe. Doug's main focus is on Acrobat 3D and its applications for design and manufacturing. Recently he started a blog where he talks about Acrobat 3D and shares his experiences with the Acrobat users community. I first met Doug when, after posting my impressions […]
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An Interview with Victor Gonzalez, CEO of Next Limit Technologies (Maxwell Render)

by Franco Folini April 10, 2007 4 min read

Victor Gonzalez is the CEO of Next Limit Technologies, a Spanish company known for the the famous Maxwell Render, a sophisticated rendering software based strictly on physical equations of light transport. After a long phase of beta testing, Maxwell Render enjoyed instant success upon its recent release. In order to know more about the company […]
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March 07 Newsletter is Out

by Franco Folini April 03, 2007 3 min read

As usual our monthly newsletter was sent out late at the end of the month. Every month I make plans to be ready by the middle of the month and every month something gets in the way. Not that I’m complaining about it. Writing the newsletter is a very interesting activity. It gives me the […]
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Adobe, CAD, Blogs, and Marketing

by Franco Folini March 28, 2007 3 min read

The term blogosphere started as a joke but quickly became a common word to indicate the community and the social network of blogs and bloggers. Like every other community, the blogosphere has its own style, guidelines, and customs. These rules are a way for the blogger community to recognize its own members and to define […]
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An Interview with Ron Fritz, Managing Partner of Tech Soft 3D (HOOPS3D)

by Franco Folini March 22, 2007 6 min read

Ron Fritz is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Tech Soft 3D, the company that makes the famous HOOPS3D, a graphics toolkit used by several design applications. The impressive list of TechSoft3D customers includes Alibre, Autodesk, Bentley, Fluent, IronCAD, MSC.Software, PTC, SolidWorks, and TransMagic. After a long phase of apparent immobility, the announcement of some new […]
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An Interview with Robert McNeel, CEO of McNeel and Associates (Rhino 3D)

by Franco Folini March 14, 2007 4 min read

Robert McNeel is the CEO of Robert McNeel & Associates, the company that makes the famous CAD modeling software Rhinoceros, simply known as Rhino 3D. Novedge has been a McNeel reseller since the opening of our online store. The recent release of Rhino 4.0 was a great opportunity to learn more about Robert and the […]
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An Interview with Antonio Pellizzaro of Actify (SpinFire)

by Franco Folini March 08, 2007 5 min read

Antonio Pellizzaro is the Lead Developer of Actify, the software manufacturer of the SpinFire product line, a group of applications for CAD data visualization and sharing. Actify and Novedge are both located in San Francisco, a few blocks away. I invited Antonio to participate in the following interview: Can you tell us a bit about […]
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An Interview with Sean Flaherty, CEO of Nemetschek NA (VectorWorks)

by Franco Folini March 06, 2007 5 min read

Sean Flaherty is the CEO of Nemetschek North America, the American branch of Nemetschek AG, the German company that is well known worldwide for products like VectorWorks and Allplan. Novedge has been a VectorWorks' reseller in the United States for a few years. The recent acquisition of Graphisoft by Nemetschek was a great opportunity to […]
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An Interview with Alex Mazzardo of EVOQE (solidThinking)

by Franco Folini March 05, 2007 3 min read

Alex Mazzardo is the Managing Director at EVOQE, the worldwide publisher of the solidThinking product line, a suite of applications for industrial designers (CAID – Computer Aided Industrial Design). A few days ago EVOQE launched Modeler, a new product, and updated the entire solidThinking line. Taking advantage of the fact that Alex is Italian (like […]
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Is the New Acrobat 3D headed for Failure or Success?

by Franco Folini February 26, 2007 6 min read

I like "CAD Data Visualization," another may prefer DDC (Digital Design Communication), someone else might like the ambitious acronym PDC (Product Design Collaboration), but whatever name you choose, this kind of software program has been around for many years. The central idea is to provide affordable ways to visualize the content of a CAD file […]
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Do’s and Don’ts for Selling CAD CAM Software in the US

by Franco Folini February 23, 2007 3 min read

In the last few years several companies from around the world have entered the market in the development and commercialization of CAD, CAM, and graphic software. Some are from countries that have a long tradition of software production, such as France with Dassault. Others, from countries such as India — with a background in outsourcing […]
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How to Add OpenSearch to your Website or Blog

by Franco Folini February 15, 2007 2 min read

The latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox offer a powerful new feature: they allow you to run a search directly from the browser without having to open a Google or Yahoo page. This is handy and convenient, and can save us a few clicks for every search we run (several per day, in […]
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The New Rhino 4.0 is Here!

by Franco Folini February 12, 2007 3 min read

After keeping us waiting for years, Robert McNeel finally released Rhino 4.0. It's a completely new version of the popular Rhinoceros 3.0 NURBS modeler, mostly known by its nickname: Rhino 3D. Rhino 4.0 includes over 800 improvements based on users' feedback The development team put a lot of effort and energy into improving a product […]
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Behind CAD

by Franco Folini February 08, 2007 1 min read

Someone created a "simple" video to tell us a story. It's the story of our online life! And this someone is Mike Wesch from Kansas State University (Digital Ethnography blog). The connection between the video's story and CAD and Graphics Software is deeper than what may first appear. Thanks to Chris Anderson, The Long Tail […]
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Free CAD for Everybody

by Franco Folini February 05, 2007 2 min read

Is CAD software following the same path of web browsers? According to some small-size 2D CAD vendors (as reported by  Ralph Grabowski) there are too many free CAD systems and too long lasting free trials around. As a CAD reseller I should agree, and maybe I should say: free software is not good! But I […]
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Blogs and Marketing Event in San Francisco

by Franco Folini February 03, 2007 1 min read

I would like to use the space of Novedge blog to announce a very interesting event I am organizing for BAIA, the Business Association Italy America. The event will take place here in San Francisco Thursday February 8, at Cooley Godward Kronish LLP on 101 California Street, 5th Floor. The sponsors are Cooley Godward Kronish, […]
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January 07 Newsletter is Out

by Franco Folini February 02, 2007 3 min read

I know it's already February, but that's the way things go! We wrote the January issue of our newsletter in January, but always something comes in to delay the final steps. This month the newsletter looks richer than usual. The size of the e-mail message is about 27 Kb, excluding the pictures. The first copies […]
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Novedge Now Offers PayPal Checkout

by Franco Folini January 25, 2007 3 min read

I'm proud to announce that Novedge is now offering the power, security, and user protection of PayPal checkout. According to PayPal, 43% of North American online shoppers have used PayPal, while 24% of North American online buyers consider PayPal their favorite way to pay online. Starting today, Novedge customers have the option to choose between […]
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What can Ajax do for you?

by Franco Folini January 18, 2007 3 min read

Ajax used to be a product to clean the kitchen, but not anymore! Now Ajax means "Asynchronous Javascript and XML" and is ubiquitous on the web. Even when we are not aware of Ajax we benefit from it: this technology makes our browsing faster and more enjoyable. Ajax is a group of technologies that support […]
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5 Things to Consider when Choosing Design Software

by Franco Folini January 13, 2007 2 min read

By virtue of selling so many design products a very typical conversation we have with customers is about what product best fits their needs. Of course different customers have different needs but I have tried to abstract the selection criteria. Here are what I believe are the five key things to keep in mind when […]
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How to Rank CAD Blogs

by Franco Folini January 10, 2007 3 min read

we are just starting to recognize that we are all part of an online community Last Saturday afternoon, intrigued by Guy Kawasaki post, I put together a short list of CAD blogs for my own pleasure and interest. It was a simple list with all CAD blogs I read sorted by Technorati ranking. I thought […]
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Don’t Quit Your Day Job to Start a CAD Blog

by Franco Folini January 06, 2007 3 min read

If you listen to the buzz about blogs and bloggers you may get the wrong impression and you may assume you can quit your day job and start blogging, with Google AdSense as the new reliable source of income. If you take a closer look at the key numbers you may find out that a […]
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Frederick W. Taylor and 3D Technology

by Franco Folini January 03, 2007 2 min read

in 3D designers need to master the art of creating parametric CAD models I was pleasantly surprised to see so many readers going through my recent post about the slow transition from 2D to 3D. Several readers left thoughtful comments explaining why they still use 2D technologies and tools. I really appreciate their feedback. I […]
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December Newsletter is Out

by Franco Folini December 28, 2006 3 min read

It was Christmas when the December issue of Novedge monthly newsletter began to leave the Novedge mail servers heading to the inboxes of over 70,000 subscribers. In order to keep the flow of the rest of the e-mail traffic, the newsletter is sent gradually over a span of 3 or 4 days. This way we […]
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Five CAD Trends for 2007

by Franco Folini December 22, 2006 2 min read

It’s that time of year for predictions and forecasts. I'll take up the challenge, try my best to look into the crystal ball, and tell you what I see for CAD for the year ahead. More Internet Internet will become even more pervasive for CAD systems and users. We will use the Internet more for […]
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The Fascinating World of Novedge Order Processing

by Franco Folini December 18, 2006 3 min read

Order processing is easily dismissed as a non-strategic component of a company's success. At Novedge we believe that order processing is a key part in assuring the best purchasing experience for our customers. I'm the person in charge of the order processing and I personally take care of most of the orders that come to […]
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