Novedge Webinar #97: MODO for Design Exploration – Q&A with Greg Brown

January 02, 2014 3 min read

We are back with lots of new webinars this year, starting next week! In the meantime, here are all the answers to your questions from our last webinar of 2013, MODO for Design Exploration with Greg Brown.

Q: Can you create an output within a material mask in modo 701?

A: Yes, you can add any render output to an individual material and that material will mask the related output with material assignment.

Q: Do you bake the new sculpted clothing back into the original sculpt?

A: Yes, you bake the new sculpted clothing as a displacement map on top of the multires mesh allowing for dual-displacements.

Q: How do you determine the best high/low values for a vector displacement map exported from ZBrush? Pixologic's GoZ plugin works wonderfully, but doesn't seem to produce a 32-bit vector map.

A: I use Xnormal for calculating vector displacements from ZBrush to Modo. To determine the best values, I take a mid-res version of my model, put it in the background and tweak the high low values of my vector displaced, lo-res mesh until it aligns with the background mesh.

Q: Any tips for getting more realism out of modo's Skin Material presets? Its subsurface scattering is great, but the end result tends to look plastic and glossy.

A: The Oil values in the skin shader can be adjusted to tweak the glossiness. Also assigning an image map to those values can further add to the realism. I prefer to build my own layered skin shader that also lets me layer different specular and reflection values with variations to roughness.

Q: Do you have any general recommendations about working with skeletons, IK chains, and mesh binding?

A: Just off the top of my head, use heat binding but that does require a water-tight mesh. It produces the best one-click binds I have seen.

Q: The thumbnails of previous renders in the Render window always seem to be unhelpfully labeled "(unnamed)". Is there a way to re title them?

A: Not that I see. I will bug that. It would be useful for the images to be named by scene by default. Chime in within the Novedge thread on the Modo forums if you have any other ideas regarding this.

Q: Is there a Modo to Nuke button? What about The Foundry's Mari?

A: We are currently developing a lot of streamlined workflows between Modo and Nuke.

Q: What specific tool is available for duplicating and element extrusions through a curve?

A: There is the curve extrude tool and the curve clone tool. These tools also have options for replicated or instanced geometry.

Q: What machine configuration were you running modo 701 with?

A: I was running on a Core I7 960 with an Nvidia Geforce Titan and 48 gb of memory. However, for onsite demos I demo on a Macbook pro with 16 gb of memory running windows. Modo Runs well on a wide range of hardware.

Q: Could you show a quick demo on how to render with proxies?

A: Hop into the thread for Novedge on the Foundry forums and I’ll throw together a video for you on this.

Q: Thank you for doing this! How about the gamma output -is that already set?

A: Yes, you can set defaults for gamma output in the settings. Both for the previewer and for final output.

Q: You mentioned linear workflow… can you show us how to set that up?

A: Hop into the thread for Novedge on the Foundry forums and I’ll throw together a video for you on this.

Q: Can HDRI light sources (lights w/ HDRI maps) be used for baking textures?

A: You bet. All lighting and shading can be baked to a texture.

Q: Hi, would modo 701 be a good fit for Jewelry CAD modelers? Thanks!

A: Yes, we have a lot of Jewelry CAD modelers who use Modo. We also have a variety of kits for exchanging between CAD applications and Modo streamlining the notorious pain that is the process.

Q: What tips do you have for creating solar eclipse like effect in modo?

A: I need to chime in on this in the forums. Started putting together an example for you but the holidays have thrown me a bit off track. We will chat.


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