What's New with Cinema 4D Release 21?

August 19, 2019 3 min read

What's New in Cinema 4D Release 21?

Cinema 4D Release 21 (R21) marks the introduction of one singular version of Cinema 4D that includes the complete feature set at an affordable price. Customers no longer need to choose between editions of the software and will benefit from all feature updates as they become available.

  • BodyPaint 3D and Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio editions will be discontinued as of September 1, 2019. All features of BodyPaint 3D and the Cinema 4D editions are included in Cinema 4D R21 and will continue to be developed.
  • If you currently have an active MSA for   Cinema 4D Prime,   Broadcast,   Visualize,   Studio  or BodyPaint 3D  on Sept 1, 2019 you’ll receive a perpetual entitlement to Cinema 4D R21. At any time before the expiration of your current MSA, you can purchase a 2-year Cinema 4D Subscription at a discounted price similar to MSA pricing for your Cinema 4D edition.
  • Perpetual – Perpetual licensing will continue to be available. Since the MSA will no longer be available, perpetual licenses do not include subscription benefits (Cineversity and upgrades)
  • Subscription – Cinema 4D subscription includes the current version of Cinema 4D and complete access to the Cineversity training and plugin library.

These are the Feature Highlights in R21 

Caps and Bevel  – The all-new Caps and Bevels system in R21 lets users extrude 3D logos and animate text effects – the ‘bread and butter’ of 3D motion graphics – quickly, easily and more accurately. But this feature offers more than just fancy fonts and text – caps and bevels are integrated on all spline-based objects – lathe, loft, sweep, etc. for unlimited possibilities. Enhancements include improved constraints and internal bevels, Delaunay cap skinning and a new library of bevel presets.

Field Forces – The new Field Force dynamics object in R21 allows users to optimize motion graphics workflow in the MoGraph toolset, offering flexibility and power to control dynamic forces in modeling and animation effects for optimized performance. 

Mixamo Control Rig – Offering a quick and customizable way to implement character animation, the new Mixamo Control Rig gives R21 users the ability to adjust Mixamo animations imported into Cinema 4D for a flexible and powerful workflow. 

Rendering Improvements – Cinema 4D's wide range of render options deliver fast, beautiful and professional results for creating outstanding images and animations. New capabilities in R21 include: 

Intel® Open Image Denoise – R21 integrates Intel® Open Image Denoise, a library for high-performance, easy-to-use denoising filter solution to improve visual quality and reduce rendering times via deep learning techniques. This technology is part of Intel® oneAPI Rendering Toolkit, a set of libraries to help create high-performance, high-fidelity, extensible, and cost-effective visual applications and solutions. The solution works and is available with Cinema 4D’s internal rendering solutions as well as ProRender.

Material Nodes  – Numerous additional nodes and UI improvements to accelerate workflow include the new Node Space that defines which material nodes are available to the chosen renderer. Additionally, an API is now available for third-party developers to integrate render engines with the new material node system.

Workflow and Core Improvements

Interface Speed Enhancements  – Interface speed augmentations increase performance in R21 for quicker modeling operations, particularly in demanding, fast-paced productions that require heavy keyframe scene creation.

Access to the Best Technology – R21 leverages the latest processor optimizations from Intel and AMD. Cinema 4D users can also directly import files to the Unreal Engine and Unity game engines to build stunning cinematic games, simulations, and visualizations. Integration into numerous other popular software packages also means artists have the necessary set of features for maximum creative flexibility.

Optimized Workflow – As Maxon continues to transition to a more modern UI in Cinema 4D, R21 features improved color, updated menus, and defaults. Support for HiDPI on Windows and Mac, provide optimized, anti-aliased display on high-end laptops and monitors, and more.

Click  here  to see the complete feature set in Cinema 4D Release 21.  Check out the following video where Chris Schmidt from   RokectLasso  breaks down the new features so you don't have to.

If you have further questions about Cinema 4D Release 21 don't hesitate to call our Maxon's specialist at   866 362 8970 ex. 704  or email  calvin@novedge.com.

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