What does the Poll on RhinoJungle Tell Us?

June 04, 2009 3 min read

In 25 days, 30% of the members took the poll on RhinoJungle and we welcomed many new members.

Thanks you, and welcome!

We support RhinoJungle as a place where you can interact with other Rhino users and to find answers to your questions

To us, this poll has been a great success. We are happy with the response rate and we got some great feedback about how we can improve the community and what you value the most in this jungle. Some of the feature requests are easy to implement (like a gallery where you can post pictures of your work), some are a bit harder (like a different language). But with everything we do, we need your help! We host this community for you, our members, to offer you a place where you can interact with other Rhino users and as an informative resource to find answers to your questions.

One benefit of the many feature requests is this: you can do it yourself! Here are some examples from the poll:

  • A product comparison section: several members would like to have the opportunity to compare products to help them decide which one they would like to use, or which product suits their needs best. I would say that the forum section could be an excellent way to do this. You can start a topic if you have a question about which product would be the best for you or if you want to write a review about a product. On the website of Novedge we also compare products, but we compare purely on technical specifications, since we don’t want to favor one product over the other. For example, take a look at the Flamingo product page (Scroll down at that page or look at the screen shot I added to this blog post.)
  • WiP/Final work section: as a designer, you like to show your work to other people. Through their feedback and comments they can give you inspiration or help with problems you may have encountered. So why not post your picture in the gallery and write something about it in the Me & My Work forum?
  • More users and more participation: Did I already tell you can do it yourself? Invite your friends, colleagues, family, neighbors, or whoever you know who may be interested, and spread the word. Don’t have a Rhino-related question at the moment? Start a social talk-topic and tell us about the great weekend you had, or a jobs-topic and tell us about the job opening at your company, or let everybody know you are looking for a job. It’s all possible! Whether as a blog or a forum topic, or even as a video, we welcome all.

These are just some examples of things users would like to see at RhinoJungle. Unfortunately, there are also some things we cannot change ourselves, as we depend on Ning (the webhost of this community), like cropping pictures after you’ve uploaded them, using uploaded pictures as profile pictures, or letting the chat bar flash when there is any chat activity.

One last thing I want to mention about the poll: the header. We know, we’re not perfect. But I strongly advise you to keep a close eye on the jungle, there has been perhaps a murmurr of something in 2 weeks or so that has something to do with a new header and a contest. Ooh, did I say too much?

Mirjam Hart

Franco Folini
Franco Folini

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