Welcome to ZWCAD 2023: The Ultimate 2D CAD Solution

June 10, 2022 2 min read

Welcome to ZWCAD 2023:  The Ultimate 2D CAD Solution

Changes in the new ZWCAD 2023 can be summarized as three keywords: efficient, user-friendly and connected. 


Many designers and engineers find it a time-consuming task to manage multiple drawings in a project. To help them save time in managing files and focus on design more, we added a new feature – Sheet Set Manager, which allows users to view, access, edit, plot and archive multiple drawings in just one panel. 

Another time-consuming task is table creating and editing, such as creating a BOQ (Bill of Quantities). in ZWCAD 2023, Table Tool was enhanced greatly to satisfy various and customized needs from different industries. Users can unify the style of their table using Match Cell and add blocks as they need with Block Insertion. After setting up a table, the table can be saved as a template for further use. With this more powerful Table tool, users can no longer waste time switching from table editing software to ZWCAD and face the risk of data loss during it. 

There is a great efficiency increase in operations like Select, Delete, Pan, Zoom and 3D Render. Compared to the previous version, it’s 8x faster in selecting multiple objects in a drawing and 5x faster in deleting them. 


ZWCAD is not just a 2D drafting tool. Its 3D functions have been strengthened to better satisfy those users who have needs like viewing a 3D model, and sketching a 3D model at the very beginning of the product design process. In this new version, users can change a 3D entity’s shape easily by dragging the grips. Users can also edit its shape precisely by modifying its information in the properties panel. In addition, geometric information of a 3D model will appear dynamically and its dimensions will update automatically when its shape is changed. All these changes in the 3D module bring user experiences to the next level.


ZWSOFT is committed to building an ecosystem of the industry. In this system, different software, applications and devices are connected so it can meet requirements of different scenarios and industries. With ZWCAD 2023 it is possible to connect 3D mouse products from 3Dconnexion®. Users can pan, Rotate, pan or zoom a 3D entity freely on a 3D mouse. They can also carry on frequently-used commands on it. The use of a 3D mouse can reduce the right hand’s pain caused by frequent operations. Moreover, it saves more time performing the same operation using a regular mouse or a keyboard, thus boosting efficiency.

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