Vectorworks 2016: Transform the World!

September 16, 2015 2 min read

We had a glimpse at the Vectorworks Design Summit of what was yet to come. Nothing could prepare us for this: 

    Vectorworks 2016  is out. We can already tell that this line of 2D/3D CAD and BIM software products is moving forward and is dragging everybody with.

These are our favorite Vectorworks 2016 features: 


The first and only cross platform Graphical Scripting tool for the AEC, Landscape and Entertainment Industries. 


Point Cloud 

Instead of capturing spaces with traditional field surveys and other manual methods, deploy your preferred 3D scanning device to capture an accurate representation of any physical location and import a 3D point cloud object into your model to manipulate, measure, and manage. 



Energos is an intelligent building energy use analysis module based on the Passivhaus calculation method and built directly into Vectorworks software, allowing any architect to make critical building performance decisions based on real-time feedback from a Vectorworks building model with a minimum effort to define energy values.


Project Sharing

Vectorworks Project Sharing is a multi-user environment that streamlines project organization management capability, enabling design teams to concurrently work in the same Vectorworks file to document their designs without requiring expensive server software or hardware.


Subdivision Surfaces

Push, pull, mold, and manipulate rigid lines into any form imaginable. Based on Pixar Animation Studios’ OpenSubdiv library, Subdivision Surfaces opens new workflow avenues across the design industry.

Did we mention that we absolutely love the new logo? Vectorworks2016_blog

Kudos to Vectorworks 2016 for inspiring great Design with  flexible and precise tools. Are you ready to transform the world?


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