Unveiling the Latest Advancements in Real-Time Ray Tracing: Discover Chaos Vantage 2

July 16, 2023 3 min read

Unveiling the Latest Advancements in Real-Time Ray Tracing: Discover Chaos Vantage 2

Chaos Vantage 2 revolutionizes the way artists and designers explore and present V-Ray scenes.
By leveraging a fully ray-traced environment, users can seamlessly drag and drop or live link their V-Ray scenes (.vrscene) for instant real-time exploration.
Gone are the tedious tasks of optimizing geometry, materials, unwrapping UVs, or light baking. With Vantage, users enjoy the freedom to define and recall views and scene states, create immersive experiences, and effectively communicate their designs.

Let's explore the exciting additions in Chaos Vantage 2:

Scene States
Assign light setups, materials, object transformations, and post-process looks to different cameras. Easily recall and send them for batch rendering.

Deformed Meshes
Bring your scenes to life by animating people and vegetation, creating captivating and dynamic presentations. 

Render Elements
Fine-tune your images in post-production using popular render elements, object masks, and material masks.

Scatter Tool
Populate your scenes with millions of objects in just a few clicks. Create stunning forests, fields, and crowds effortlessly.

NVIDIA AI Denoiser With Upscaling.
Achieve high-quality output with the AI Denoiser, automatically removing noise. Increase frame rates and rendering responsiveness using the upscaling mode in interactive rendering.

Support for Anima4d Assets
Chaos has partnered with AXYZ to provide support for Chaos Vantage's high-quality 3D library of animated 4D people and crowds. 

Extended Animations
Take even more .vrscene animation effects into Vantage. From flickering and fading lights to animating the tiling offset, your animated materials, textures, and lights now work seamlessly in Vantage. 

Light Creation and Placement
You can now create various types of lights directly in Vantage. Use the advanced placement options to achieve lookdev directly in Vantage without any DCC dependency. 

Scattering Fog
Environmental effects such as god rays, light shafts through windows, streetlights, volumetric fog with realistic light scattering are now even more realistic.

Quality Presets
Quickly choose between quality and interaction speed with a single slider, allowing you to set Vantage for high-quality rendering or faster feedback. 

Add plenty of dynamic lights to your scene with NVIDIA RTXDI and its Direct light reservoir sampling feature. 

HDR Monitor Support
Get extra radiance with HDR monitor support. 

Nested .vrscenes
V-Ray scenes can now be referenced via the VRayScene object allowing sharing of the entire scene between different V-Ray integrations. 

Orthographic Cameras
Easily create top-down or facade renderings with the orthographic camera projection. 

Support for Mesh Lights
Mesh lights are now rendered much faster than before. 

Camera Grouping With States Override
Enjoy a much better and more structured method of grouping cameras and assigning states to these groups. Perfect for over-the-shoulder discussion with clients. 

Support for Multiple UV Channels
Enrich your projects by creating sophisticated materials such as stacking labels or adding decals with newly added support for multiple UV channels. 

Refreshed UI
Usern interdace is refreshed and comes with supports for AMD GPUs. Vantage can now run on DXR-compatible AMD graphics cards.

V-Ray is now available in three plans: Solo, Premium, and Enterprise.
The Solo plan gives independent artists and freelancers an affordable and full-featured solution for rendering on one computer.
The Premium plan is perfect for those who need access to floating licenses and Chaos companion products such as Phoenix, Player, Scans, and Vantage.
The Enterprise plan is ideal for large studios considering volume purchases. 

Users can now render with V-Ray in any host application and benefit from the powerful suite of Chaos products and services with just a single license. Each of the new plans (Solo, Premium, and Enterprise) includes Chaos Cosmos’ high-quality assets. Last but not least, all V-Ray plans include high-quality support at no extra cost.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about V-Ray upgrades or migrations, or to request a quote.


Chaos Products 

Chaos Vantage 2 - Subscription

Chaos Vantage 2 - Subscription

V-Ray Solo Subscription

V-Ray Solo Subscription

V-Ray Premium  Subscription

V-Ray Premium  Subscription

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