Unleashing the Power of V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D, Update 1: Accelerating Creativity and Efficiency

May 18, 2023 3 min read

Unleashing the Power of V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D, Update 1: Accelerating Creativity and Efficiency

V-Ray 6, update 1, is here and he is acked with a range of powerful features, this update revolutionizes the rendering process, allowing users to unleash their creativity and achieve stunning results.

Key features in V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D Update 1 include:

Chaos Scatter
With the revolutionary Chaos Scatter feature, you can populate any scene with vegetation, rocks, crowds, and more in just a few clicks. Experience the convenience of quickly adding detailed objects without consuming excessive memory. Customize the distribution of scattered objects to achieve your desired look, bringing your scenes to life effortlessly. Start exploring the possibilities with assets from Chaos Cosmos.

V-Ray Toon Material
Unlock Stylized Visuals in No Time. With V-Ray Toon Material you achieve stunning 2D cartoon and cel shading effects in a matter of moments. With exceptional flexibility and precise control, you can easily create eye-catching renders that captivate your audience.

V-Ray Toon Outlines
Enhance your scenes with cartoon-style outlines using V-Ray Toon Outlines. Simply create a V-Ray Toon object and select the geometry to apply the effect to. Achieve various toon styles by adding multiple Toon objects with different outline styles and shades, enabling you to create unique and captivating visuals.

Cylindrical Decal. 
Take your designs to the next level by adding stickers, labels, or surface imperfections to cylindrical objects. Whether it's bottles, jars, cups, or even rockets and tanks, the Cylindrical Decal feature allows you to match the projection of the decal to the curve of the object's surface effortlessly. Achieve realistic and immersive results with just a few clicks.

Decal Additive Bump
Elevate your product designs with lifelike stickers, labels, embossed logos, lettering, and more using the Decal Additive Bump feature. Seamlessly blend surface and decal bumps to achieve enhanced realism. Whether you're working on cracked walls, corroded metal, or any other bumpy surface, this feature empowers you to create stunning effects effortlessly.

Custom Light Decay
Custom Light Decay grants you the ability to define the amount of light emitted over distance, offering creative control over hotspots, light intensity, spread, length of rays, and more. With this feature, you can achieve any desired lighting effect, adding depth and atmosphere to your scenes.

Bump to Glossiness
No more worries about overly shiny surfaces! The new Bump to Glossiness node automatically generates the correct glossiness for normal-mapped surfaces at any distance. Say goodbye to manual tweaking and enjoy realistic results effortlessly.

User Attributes
Effortlessly manage data for multiple objects and particle systems within your scene using User Attributes. These custom attributes enable you to control materials, textures, and other parameters simultaneously, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

MoGraph Color Shader Support:
Experience seamless integration with MoGraph Color Shader, allowing you to assign random colors to MoGraph objects or particles. Use effectors to colorize based on criteria, unlocking dynamic and visually striking animations and designs.

V-Ray is now available in three plans: Solo, Premium, and Enterprise.
The Solo plan gives independent artists and freelancers an affordable and full-featured solution for rendering on one computer.
The Premium plan is perfect for those who need access to floating licenses and Chaos companion products such as Phoenix, Player, Scans, and Vantage.
The Enterprise plan is ideal for large studios considering volume purchases. 

Users can now render with V-Ray in any host application and benefit from the powerful suite of Chaos products and services with just a single license. Each of the new plans (Solo, Premium, and Enterprise) includes Chaos Cosmos’ high-quality assets. Last but not least, all V-Ray plans include high-quality support at no extra cost.

Feel free to call our experts at 866 362 8970 to find out more about V-Ray upgrades or migrations, or to request a quote.


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