TurboCAD 2024 Unveiled by IMSI Design: Discover the New Features and Enhancements

April 10, 2024 2 min read

TurboCAD 2024 Unveiled by IMSI Design: Discover the New Features and Enhancements

TurboCAD 2024, which comprises the Platinum, Professional, Deluxe, and Designer versions for Windows desktop PCs introduces significant advancements with a spotlight on the new Physical-Based Rendering (PBR) engine, TurboLux, now available across the 2D/3D product range.
With over twenty new and improved features, TurboCAD 2024 is set to redefine efficiency and creativity in design.

Emphasis on Visualization, 3D Modeling, Architectural Enhancements

Bob Mayer, president of IMSI Design, has remarked on the substantial emphasis the release places on visualization, 3D modeling, and architectural enhancements. This is complemented by the integration of a new in-app Content Server hosting hundreds of thousands of parts to expedite the design process. TurboLux, the groundbreaking Physical-Based Rendering engine, is set to elevate TurboCAD's visualization powers to unprecedented levels of photorealism, promising lightning-fast CPU and GPU rendering, and an expansion of material options.

Exploring the Enhanced Features of TurboCAD 2024

The TurboCAD 2024 release is not just about rendering improvements; it also encompasses a myriad of enhancements aimed at usability, interface, 2D drafting, 3D drawing, modeling, editing, architectural features, photorealistic rendering, visualization, and file support/interoperability. These upgrades are designed to streamline workflow, enhance productivity, and unlock new creative possibilities for users.

For instance, users can now enjoy LTE Configurations Workspace, allowing easy transitioning between default and LTE workspaces. The program setup has seen the introduction of a new "selection" property page, delivering more control over selection effects and highlighting options. Drafting improvements include tools for placing points along a path and designing basic shapes essential for flowchart creation, while 3D modelers will appreciate the increased calculation accuracy for the Graphic on Path tool and the addition of Surface by Set of Polylines.

Architectural enhancements also take the spotlight with improvements to the Terrain tool, enabling terrain creation by sets of polylines, which is particularly useful for landscape design. A host of rendering and visualization improvements have been integrated, such as updated titles in Render Manager for better user understanding, the addition of sun direction by geo-location, and a range of new quality render modes.

File support and interoperability have not been overlooked, with updates to professional mechanical CAD file translators, offering support for a variety of formats and updated version support for industry standards like AutoCAD 2024 and SketchUp 2024.


With the release of TurboCAD 2024, IMSI Design continues its commitment to delivering powerful, intuitive CAD solutions that cater to a wide spectrum of design professionals. This latest version not only introduces innovative rendering technology with TurboLux but also enhances the overall design process with significant improvements in usability, 2D and 3D drafting, modeling, and architectural features.

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